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Urinary incontinence is one of the most common conditions to develop among the elderly. In fact, we are all likely to suffer from one form of incontinence or another. Currently in the United States, there are over 13 million adults who were concluded to suffer from urinary incontinence after proper diagnoses.

Since there is no overall cure for all types of incontinence, management of its nuances is the name of the game and there is no better place to start than with choosing the appropriate brief according to the patient’s particular situation. In order to accomplish this, adult brief basics are an important place to begin.

Urinary incontinence affects all groups of people but statistically, women are more likely to develop this condition. Needless to say, incontinence has an immediate effect on virtually every aspect of our daily lives, and can carry with it quite a burden. Of course, this is not necessarily the case for everyone who suffers from urinary incontinence as there are many varieties and factors that collectively contribute to any particular situation. Having said that, it is definitely not something to look forward to, so anytime there is an opportunity to simplify patients’ needs and make things easier on their end, it is always a step forward towards the management of urinary incontinence.

Of the many factors causing incontinence, some include medication, neurogenic bladder, urethral blockage, neurological injuries, weakness of the bladder musculature and age, to name a few. While adult briefs play a vital role in incontinence care, other forms of management such as exercise, dieting, and following recommendations by healthcare professionals will always be a necessary part of proper care. Kegel exercises for instance, are universally recommended as this helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, providing a boost in the ability to better control leakage and urinary urgency. This is a great bladder training exercise that should be implemented in most cases.

Adult Diapers and Briefs Basics

Adult briefs and diapers are available in many variations such as pull-up briefs, disposable pull-up briefs and disposable briefs with tabs on the sides, incontinence liners and pads, reusable liners, and cloth briefs, all perform the same function but in varying degrees and ways.

Adult diapers can be worn as a standalone undergarment or inside the current undergarment. They provide protection for all levels of incontinence, whether severe, moderate, or light. So, if you have moderate incontinence, it is crucial to purchase adult briefs that cater to moderate output. Therefore, an adult brief or diaper that protects against light incontinence would in this case, not offer the appropriate absorption level needed.

Another way to use incontinence briefs is to place reusable and disposable types on mattresses and bedsheets for their respective protection. However, the reusable undergarment has the advantage of being cleansed as it becomes needed.  Incontinence pads are now available in different forms to cater to different types of incontinence. Products such as incontinence chair pads, incontinence bedsheets and wheelchair pads offer great protection from accidental leakage on sofas and other such household items.

Incontinence diapers are available in many different materials (Polyethylene, elastics, sodium polyacrylate), types (pull-up or with side tabs), sizes and levels of absorption to suit everyone’s needs and situation, including fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, patients  limited in mobility or  confined to bed care, patients with diarrhea and even  patients who are cognitively impaired as is the case with dementia.

Due to the skin lesions and irritation that can occur due to incontinence, both urinary and fecal, it would be wise to purchase skin lotions to protect the skin from unwanted matter, increasing moisture, and to prevent irritated skin from becoming infected.

Finding the best urinary incontinence briefs for you can become quite a daunting task given all the brands and types out there. However, it is good to keep it simple. If you are happy with a product, there is no need to complicate the task for oneself; simply stick to what already works for you. However, if you are looking for different levels of comfort and protection, experimentation will always be the best teacher. With the discretion that comes with online ordering, high quality adult diapers and briefs are affordable and easy to obtain (visit our shop at for easy and secure online ordering).

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