Coffee Consumption and Incontinence In Men

A recent US investigation about coffee and its effects on the urological system suggests that drinking two cups of java a day increases the likelihood of men developing incontinence by two-fold compared to men who avoid coffee completely. This does not necessarily show that coffee causes incontinence (far from it), rather, it merely shows that because of coffee’s diuretic effects, it can  increase the intensity of the urge  to urinate, a common symptom of the type of incontinence called urge incontinence.

Although research for coffee-exacerbated incontinence in women abound, the research is quite lacking for men. Researchers surveyed over 4,000 men in their study and separated them in groups of coffee drinkers versus those with non-caffeinated diets while taking water consumption into account. As a result of this study, it was found that ingesting 392 mg of caffeine a day is where chances of experiencing incontinence doubled. Most likely, this is a result of caffeine causing irritation to the bladder. During the study, 13% of men complained of a leaking bladder, but only a smaller portion (4.5%), actually experienced it in significant severity.

Equaling incontinence with fluid consumption is a mistake however, researchers note. There is a distinction between the effects of coffee and say, water. Water, unlike coffee, does not cause bladder irritation like coffee does.

The results of this research, published in the Journal of Urology, is merely indicative of the effects that coffee has on the appearance of incontinence symptoms. Research projects like these however, are extremely important to figuring out how and why such symptoms appear. The recommendation of avoiding coffee for men (or at least keeping consumption moderate) so as to keep incontinence at bay is a sensible one. The key connection researchers say, is the fact that they observed mild to serious incontinence in men that consumed 250 mg of caffeine a day, the equivalent of two cups of coffee. As such, further investigation is needed to understand this connection.

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