Incontinence Support

Incontinence is a condition suffered by millions worldwide and affects people of all ages and background. Drip Board is dedicated to providing information and guiding patients and healthcare professionals to resources in understanding continence and its treatment when bladder control is lost.

In our Drip Board section, we invite the discovery of information and its dissemination to others in need or for professionals interested in acquiring or commenting useful information. Join our social networks to engage with others and share perspectives on the many conditions and circumstances that cause incontinence by reading articles, watching videos, sharing and liking any page on, commenting on products and becoming a voice in our increasing community.

Ultimately, Drip Board is about raising awareness of the ways in which incontinence affects individuals and families alike the world over. By doing so, we allow others the chance to discover a new and better way to care for a loved one or ourselves by uniting and putting information out there for everyone to see.

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