Pilates, a Beneficial Alternative to Incontinence

Pilates has been known to be a healing alternative to many conditions. It is also being used to alleviate problems with pelvic floor muscles and therefore, it leads to an improvement with urine dribbling issues. To understand how you can get the most out of Pilates, it is fundamental to learn   more about the pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor is composed of a set of muscles and ligaments that enclose the abdominal cavity. Its main function is to support various organs located in the pelvis such as the uterus, bladder, vagina, and rectum. Knowing where these muscles are positioned is not an easy task, but a good trick to locate these muscles is to suppress the urge to urinate as much as you can and avoid excretion. By doing this, you’ll be able to sense the pelvic floor muscles in motion.

It is of utmost importance to train your pelvic floor muscles and Pilates is considered one of the best options to maintain those muscles as healthy as possible. Pilates is an extraordinary technique that greatly helps to strengthen and fortify the whole body, including specific muscles such as those in the lower abdomen and back.

Weak pelvic floor muscles may lead to incontinence problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to exercise them. If the core is strong, the pelvic muscles will also be strong enough to support better bladder management. Practicing Pilates involves the use of pelvic floor muscles and tightening of the core.

An excellent and simple exercise recommended by specialists for you to try in the comfort of your own house is to lie on your back and maintain a good posture in the ideal spine position. Then, elevate your feet, keeping your knees bent and the tibias side by side to the floor. Place your fingertips on your hips and extend your right leg to one side repeatedly, keeping the other leg firmly set on the floor. Switch legs and repeat. It is recommended to perform 8 repetitions per leg and pay special attention to inhaling and exhaling. This exercise will strengthen and lengthen your pelvic floor muscles while improving your overall health and wellness.

Pilates not only offers physical benefits, but also provides psychological advantages. It has been proven that this technique can help improve your mind’s focus level and memory, put your mind at ease, boost your mood, and reduce stress to a great extent. But that’s not all. Pilates has also been linked to supporting equilibrium, coordination, and bettering flexibility. This extraordinary method is extremely beneficial when it comes to enhancing the volume of gas within the lungs while breathing and with blood flow. While carrying out Pilates, make sure you use your hands to be certain that your hips and pelvis are not moving and are pointing in the direction of the ceiling.

If you are regular in your practice and follow all these guidelines, be certain that in a couple of weeks you will see a major improvement and less urine dribbling.

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