Tips for Minimizing Incontinence Unpleasant Smells

Experiencing involuntary leakage of urine is a difficult and uncomfortable situation that a person sometimes has to go through. It can easily turn into an awkward situation when surrounded by a group of individuals.

There are several techniques and products designed for concealing urine when it has leaked. The market is not short on the number of items it offers to those, who have to deal with involuntary urination. This gives the incontinence sufferer a wide assortment of options to go through and choose wisely. Picking proper incontinence supplies is just the initial phase for taking ownership of this condition. The subsequent phase would be to suppress unpleasant smells. Although these products are effective for concealing physical marks, smell is a challenging aspect to completely mask. Thankfully, with some help, a person will be able to minimize smell significantly.

It is important to take into consideration that incontinence is not the root of unpleasant smells, but the urine itself is. Therefore, when dealing with the loss of bladder control, if the urine’s smell is not distinctive, then the situation can go unnoticed with the help of the right products.

In this article, we present some tips incontinence sufferers should consider, in order to avoid undesirable urine smell.

Seek Out Products that Control and Eliminate Bad Smells 

If there is a smell of urine in the environment, there are some elements a person can take into account for getting rid of it. There are products available that make the air in the room feel clean and fresh. When purchasing these products consider those that aid in neutralizing smells instead of filling the air with other scents.

Maintaining a hygienic environment is crucial for dealing with urine smells. People who experience accidental loss of urine should keep in mind that changing their underwear on a daily basis and rinsing the area following an incontinence incident can help overcome undesirable smells. There is an assortment of items available that can help people with this aspect of incontinence.

Regular incontinence items can not only suppress the visual aspects of this condition, but also make a difference when it comes to regulating smells. When shopping around, it is important to ensure that the supplies being purchased have smell-control features. This refers to items which keep smells from developing in the area in which they are used, not to items whose scent is so strong that it overcomes the smell of urine.

It is essential not only to keep the skin and body in hygienic condition, but also to make sure that incontinence products and other items are protected against harmful contaminants. Items that should be cleaned regularly include:

  • Non-disposable parts of equipment that are employed for containing urine
  • Items made out of fabric, such as body garments and bedding pieces.

To ensure non-disposable parts are safe to use, bacteria should be wiped out by employing chemicals available in the market or a made-at-home mixture. The DIY mixture is simple to use and requires only materials that are readily available in any kitchen. A combination of vinegar and H2O is only necessary to make this cleanser. The use of vinegar is recommended because it is a liquid that works perfectly for eliminating certain elements causing foul-smelling urine.

For keeping incontinence, items made out of fabric, clean, distilled vinegar or sodium bicarbonate should be used. If distilled vinegar is used to clean the item, it should be rinsed with clean water repeatedly. Distilled vinegar and sodium bicarbonate are helpful for eliminating smells. However, it is important to highlight that using both simultaneously will only cause damage since they both fulfill the same function.

In addition, dark illumination is helpful for finding the source of urine smell in a particular space. This type of illumination is known for making urine visible. It particularly comes in handy when a specific location is filled with an unpleasant urine smell, since it helps to reveal the spot which has been affected in order to eliminate the smell with the right products.

Engage in Practices and Behaviors that Reduce the Formation of Bad Smells

There are some behaviors and actions an individual can take in order to keep unpleasant smells to a minimum. An incontinence sufferer should:

  • Check in with a doctor as soon as symptoms of UTI start to manifest, since this condition is known for causing unwanted urine smell.
  • Incorporate beverages made out of cranberry, into his/her diet. This berry is acidic which helps to control foul-smelling urine.
  • Take either deodorant caplets or ascorbic acid if allowed by a doctor. These two are helpful for making urine smell as neutral as possible. However, ascorbic acid can be taken along with pharmaceuticals that are part of the patient’s prescription as well as other treatments. It is important not to use these caplets as a replacement for organic lemon, lime, orange, citrus or grapefruit.
  • Maximize the amount of fluid intake. It is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water on a daily basis so that urine becomes thinner, therefore minimizing the potential to cause foul-smelling urine. Usually, people dealing with loss of bladder control take in less fluids  to avoid incontinence incidents. This is a common error that people make, since drinking less water causes urine to become denser, therefore increasing the potential for bad smell. Besides causing unpleasant smell, the lack of water can also lead to conditions such as cystitis.
  • Make sure that daily nutrition does not include meals which can trigger   unpleasant-smelling urine, such as caffeinated products and certain vegetables. Keep in mind that any alteration in the nutrition plan should be consulted with a physician.

On occasion, people who deal with accidental release of urine are not aware that they might carry certain scent with them. In these situations the candid opinion of a loved one plays a crucial role.

Although the involuntary leakage of urine is not an ideal condition to live with, the tips above can help a person suffering from it gain a sense of control over some of the most noticeable aspects that come with incontinence.

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