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CB Fleet Company - 185B - Fleet Liquid Glycerin Suppositories

CB Fleet Company:
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Fleet Liquid Glycerin Suppositories 7-1/2 Ml, Hyperosmotic Laxative, Disposable Applicator
More Information
Manufacturer CB Fleet Company
Categories Over The Counter Medications, Fecal Incontinence, Laxative
Code 185B
Sold By Box of 4
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Review from
in less than 5 mins my 17 month old has been struggling with constipation and h
Legit amazing
May 28, 2021
DW Review from
November 6, 2021
Magic Poop Reliever!
Not sure why I waited so long to try this product. My 3 year old has had major anxiety pooping since potty training. She would go 10 days without pooping and scream and cry from the pain of being backed up. We tried chewable tablets and prune juice and ot
a very relieved mom Review from
November 13, 2021
Saved us a trip to the ER... seriously
My poor baby had the worst constipation, like more than a week of one tiny, rock-hard pellet a day. Took him to the doctor where she recommended prunes, pears, and more water, which duh I was already doing to no avail. Then a week later he’s still very up
eoelkercraig Review from
December 16, 2021
The amount of poop it got out was like a waking nightmare
Im not one to write reviews usually. But our 9.5m old son hadn’t pooped at all in over a week, and before that he was only pooping tiny little rock hard rabbit turds. We tried the juices, water, eating prunes and apple sauce, to no avail. We were desperat
Scarlett Review from
February 7, 2020
Literally a godsend
There isn't enough happy things I could write about this right now! My 4 month old had not had a real poop in 11 days! At day 7 she started trying so hard but her poo was extremely hard and large. We tried helping her every way we could, lifting her knees
EC Review from
August 18, 2020
#1 Recommendation! WORKS!
Used on our (almost) 2 1/2 yo daughter who hates pooping. Trust me when I say, we have tried it ALL! We all feel the empathy for each other and how sad it is when your little won’t or can’t poo and there is only so much we as parents can do. Let me jump t
Brianna Review from
July 22, 2021
Good product, but needs an extra child protector
A great and safe product to help with our son’s constipation. My one complaint- especially for a toddler product, the medicines were too easily accessible in the package. My 2.5 year old child saw the package and ripped it open as I was setting the baby’s
Review from
these for our 6 year old. I explained what it was & how we would use it (in the
Good enough for adults!
August 21, 2021
Shell Review from
November 4, 2021
A billion stars
If I could give this product a billion stars, I would. This product is literally and figuratively the shyte. My son had constipation pain on and off for a few hours. I tried bicycle legs, rubbing his stomach in circular motions, etc. The time it took for
ACR Review from
October 12, 2021
Effective & Easy
My pediatrician recommended this for my 9 month old. Introducing solids caused constipation/very hard stools (yes, even with foods that should have helped and after a while he began refusing stewed prunes—who can blame him there!) These are easy to use, h
Melbatron Review from
February 2, 2020
I just bought this 15 min ago and let me tell you IT WORKS! My 6 year old has been trying to poop; pushing and STRAINING, crying so hard that it nearly breaks your heart. I used the pedialax chewables and it worked fine, but he must've had WAY MORE becaus
Happy Momma Review from
September 12, 2021
My child woke up screaming after eating pizza for the 1st time. I tried everything then eventually said mmm must be in pain from pizza because that’s the only that was different. I used this item for the first time in like 2.5 seconds of using the poop in
Kpcalo Review from
May 2, 2021
Miracle med
This stuff is awesome! My 3 year old takes Miralax and senna syrup daily for constipation. I missed one day of the miralax and she was backed up for 2 weeks! She was screaming in pain every time she tried to go. I bought this as a final Hail Mary before g
cinnamoninny Review from
April 2, 2021
Tried everything else. This was worth it!
Tried the apple juice, pedia lax tablets, the pedia lax liquid meds. This was way more effective hands down. Kiddo complained that the glycerin had a burning type sensation. I think was also scary for my kid who was not used to receiving medicine this way
Alyssa Review from
May 25, 2020
Elderly French Bulldog
I know this is recommended for children but I also read somewhere that it would be effective for dogs. I have a 12 year old French Bulldog with degenerative myelopathy which makes it very difficult for her to have a bowel movement. She’ll go every other t
MrsRohr Review from
August 5, 2020
Definitely Works!
My 2yr old daughter had not pooped in 3 days despite an effort multiple times a day of trying and a lot of fiber in her diet. By day 4 I needed to intervene and thats when I found Pedia-lax. I ran to the store first thing in the morning and used it as soo
Violet Review from
November 29, 2021
Happy baby happy mom
My son was struggling for 4 days unfortunately plum juice and other products didn’t do the trick. I keep him hydrated & did baby bowel movement. I decide to give this product a try and let me tell you! This works like magic ! Less than a min he was poopin
Chey Review from
March 23, 2021
My daughter who is 5 has had issues with constipation since she was an infant. Lately she’s been only going maybe once a week and when she does, it takes over an hour, lots of tears and screaming, etc. Today I got out and grabbed this on a whim to see if
Crateowner Review from
March 25, 2020
Hands down--best product to help kid go poop!
This is a lifesaver! My 3 year old son was constipated (he was probably withholding bowel movements too). We tried increasing his water intake, fiber intake, lentil soup, garbanzo beans, apples, oranges, juice, even the pedia-lax liquid (which tastes gros
Jess Review from
January 7, 2021
I seriously just purchased this today and did this on my son. We inserted it, he got up went to the living room and IMMEDIATELY WENT. Like a whole weeks worth of being back up. I’m so shocked. My baby is now comfortable. He wasn’t eating for 3 days becaus
Jade Review from
August 15, 2020
Miracles are Real ...!!!!
I was so OVER IT...!! After four days no poop no gas two 4oz of pedialyte and 2oz of prune juice day five something had to give... I know it says ages two and up but I have a 3mth old that has had tummy problems during our search to finding the right form
Courtney Review from
March 30, 2021
Worth a try for sure
My child has been randomly constipated the last couple of weeks. First it was 5 days. Then it’s been 4 days. Miralax with apple juice worked the first time. Then it didn’t work the next time. So we gave this a try since she’s been keeping us up at night w
YorkiePom Review from
November 2, 2020
Must get!
This works! I used it on my 5 month old baby. I exclusively breastfeed and started her on solids (which I think might’ve caused constipation) she had not pooped for 8 days and prior to that she would eat very little and vomit a bit for 3 days she was stra
Lucky charms Review from
March 23, 2021
they worked for us!
it worked for us! we are potty training and my daughter hadn't pooped in 5 days. I know she wanted to because she kept telling us and sitting on the potty and trying but I knew she needed help after being backed up for so long. we first tried Mommy Bliss
alex.a Review from
March 5, 2021
I highly recommend this product to all parents that have children that get constipated my son when he was 5 and younger years old he has trouble doing the restroom he would try but he couldn’t I could see he was so uncomfortable and in pain his stomach wo
momandnurseof3 Review from
September 21, 2020
JuST WOW . I am a nurse, but treating your own baby is not easy and is scary. Anyways I called my daughter pediatrician because I was giving her solids for a week and she had no VM for 4 days . She looked unhappy, uncomfortable and she cried a lot the nig
Spice Review from
September 17, 2020
Works but...for just 1 poop
I am Not sure how frequently I have to use this. Or how safe this is. .or if this is made so you can keep buying. I used this twice within 2 weeks. And when I saw my 2.5 old forcing and jumping I gave..he was able to release..but it wasn't a lot. And it d
Samus Review from
July 12, 2021
Works wonders
Our daughter's stress response to potty training has been to hold it in. She got pretty badly constipated to the point where she was screaming every ten minutes because she was in pain but couldn't go. Five minutes after administering the Pedialax she was
MC laxE Review from
February 25, 2021
Great product,works within minutes!
Worked on my 3 yr old boy. He’s been constipated this month,not sure if it’s due to being potty trained. But he’s been holding his poop for 3-4 days. I bought this product and within 5 mins he finally had a bowel movement. 3 hours later he passed a small
JerseyMom Review from
March 21, 2019
I highly recommend this product
My 3 year old son was severely constipated and hadn't had a bowel movement in 4 days. Over the course of those 4 days I tried many things. I fed him prunes, gave him prune juice, increased his fiber and water intake, I even tried those probiotic drops tha
Target_shipping_fail Review from
April 20, 2019
My three year old has severe constipation and although she is on a prescription stool softener, the gastroenterologist recommended we do enemas if she goes more than three days with no BM. I have had to use adult sized enemas on a wiggling, screaming chil
Weebs Review from
May 14, 2019
Aboslutely Amazed (poop withholding)
Amazing! My almost 3 year old had a poop 3 weeks ago that hurt her so bad it made her start withholding. She said, "I NEVER POOP AGAIN!" We were on day 9 of no pooping. Everytime she got an urge she would freak out and whine, cry, scream and pace holding
TwinMountainMomma Review from
August 23, 2016
So much more effective than Pedialax chewables!
Nobody likes administering a suppository to a kid, but when they are in extreme pain due to severe constipation it is necessary, and ALWAYS produces results. I rarely have to use these on my kids, even less as they get older, but one of my 7 year olds jus
Relieved parents Review from
December 26, 2019
Instant relief
Our 2 year old is potty training but is afraid of going number 2 without a diaper. She withholds her stool for a few days before going to the bathroom eventually. This leads to impacted bowels most of the time. In this case, it was too big to pass and she
Ejmille2 Review from
August 22, 2021
Works crazy fast!
My 17 month old woke up in the middle of the night screaming and pushing to poo off and on for several hours. I ordered this laxative in the middle of the night and picked it up in the morning and 100% recommend this product for a constipated baby because
Lindsey Review from
November 27, 2020
Seriously works! My son deals with constipation frequently. I was so nervous to use these with my son but he had been backed up for 8 DAYS which was the longest it had ever been and i was scared - nothing was working! Tried this and 2 minutes later he wen
Cris Review from
October 1, 2017
This worked so amazingly. My 2 year old son had been constipated for an entire week. Hard pellets were forming that all bunched together and created one massive bowel movement that was stuck and no matter how hard he pushed, he couldn't get it out. It was
zz Review from
July 2, 2021
works for adults!!
dulcolax liquid doesnt work until the next day, so I thought I'd try this due to the good reviews. My constipation is due to dysfunction of the pelvic area. This provided a very strong urge and release in SECONDS. Quick relief, no burning, and insertion w
CB Review from
April 1, 2017
Worked beautifully! Sweet relief for my sweet pea
My 7 month old struggles with constipation despite all of our efforts to help her poop without medicinal intervention. The pediatric nurse recommended the solid suppository (1/2 suppository) so we gave it a try. Let's just say that was awful- the supposit
Emeraldheart Review from
May 11, 2021
Worth having on hand all the time.
I've used these with all 3 of my kids. This is something I'll have on hand until my youngest stops teething. He's one that get constipated during teething. Easy to use. No mess. Very effective quickly! No reason not to use when they're struggling.
Tulips Review from
October 2, 2020
My son is 18 months, and he was super constipated. To the point where he’ll cry when trying to push and he’ll have such a bad day. I tried giving him prune juice, orange juice, lots of water, etc. But nothing worked. This helped him within a half an hour.
Bas0110 Review from
November 18, 2021
Must buy!
It help my 10 month old who was extremely constipated. It worked within 10 mins! You may have some left in the bottle, but that's ok I only used half and it still worked! The tip is pre-lubricated, but I suggest using more vaseline. I will make sure I kee
mmmomma Review from
May 8, 2021
not a fun subject, but toddler constipation happens, and if your kid is really suffering and cant push it out, this will quickly give relief. i did get kicked in the throat trying to administer, but totally worth it. were doing MUCH BETTER NOW. Does seem
Ana Review from
September 26, 2021
I was very nervous and skeptical but I was desperate after my little one was constipated for the past week. It worked within 10 minutes and she had no problem using the bathroom. Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for help for the little one an
Karimbe Review from
December 8, 2021
Baby Constipated 7 days
My 11 month old was constipated for longer than a week. I tried the prune juice supplement for 3 days no luck and miralax and nothing those are more as a preventative measure. Gave him this and within 2 minutes he was able to pass dry hard poop. Skip the
Nirvana Review from
September 7, 2021
5/5 Stars!
Bought on a whim at Target since my 3 YO was really constipated for the last couple of days and refused to poop. Didn't realize you have to *insert* it where the sun don't shine but that's all apart of being a mom, amiright? She didn't like it, I didn't l
Stephyjo Review from
November 15, 2017
Yes! Sweet relief!
Definitely speak with your pediatrician before using any medications. My 7 month old son EBF (exclusively breast fed) has had a little trouble with the introduction to new foods...constipation/pellet like stools. Grunting, straining, discomfort, restless
ShannonT Review from
February 5, 2021
This is a Miracle!
My 2 year old son hadn't had a bowel movements in nearly 4 days. He was in so much pain and nothing we tried worked. Out of desperation I purchased this and it worked within 2 minutes. Literally just minutes later he was able to pass a stool. We're both r
CTP Review from
January 22, 2021
Wokred w/in seconds!!!
I was skeptical to give to my son bc he’ll be 6 months in a week and it says ask doctor before use if under 2. I read reviews and seen lots of people use it for newborns so I used it and it worked within seconds!!! My son had solid hard poops and made gru
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