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Covidien - Egiaushort - Covidien Endo Gia Ultra Stapler: Blue Universal Single Use Short Stapler 12mm

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Covidien Endo Gia Ultra Stapler: Blue Universal Single Use Short Stapler 12mm
More Information
Manufacturer Covidien
Sold By Each
Product Color Blue
Product Size 12.0mm
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
50 Review
MagicWands78 Review from
September 18, 2021
Easy to use Stapler for the Whole Family
My 10 year old daughter loves to craft and work on projects, and is always using products like tape, glue, and staples. But traditional staplers continue to be tough to use for my little 55 lb. girl. The Swingline Optima 25 Reduced Effort Stapler is not only attractive, but it is super easy for everyone in our household to use, including my daughter. Easy to load. Does not require a ton of grip strength to use. Attractive color (her favorite color blue actually!). We highly recommend this stapler! *Received stapler for free to sample, but was not compensated and opinion is wholly my own.
MF Review from
September 2, 2021
A Really Nice Stapler
This stapler is extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold. I really love the rubbery grip on the bottom, too. It is definitely a good choice if you have to staple a lot of documents, particularly if you need to do so all day long. I would recommend this for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, too. The design is also really nice to look at with the combination of a bright orange, gray, and black. I haven't tried stapling thicker document piles yet but it does great for anywhere between two and four pieces of paper or so. Highly recommended.
SharV Review from
August 26, 2021
What an UPGRADE!
I've been using athe same old clunky, HEAVY stapler for many years. I had NO idea that staplers had evolved so much! The Swingline Optima 25 is significantly lighter. Reduced Effort couldn't be more appropriate - I can staple with the press of just 1 finger! No more frustration with only being able to staple only a few pages - this stapler can staple up to 25 pages! I'm ecstatic about having this stapler. It's certainly made a difference in my productivity. I HIGHLY recommend this stapler to everyone! P.S. It's a great looking addition to my desk!
Endlswntr Review from
August 25, 2021
Works Great!
I love this stapler. I had an old school metal swingline which I loved. But it kept jamming. I love the construction of the new one. The rubberized grip is nice and so is the bottom. It is really easy to staple 20+ sheets together with little effort. Also, so far it has not jammed on me. Two things I wish it had. 1) that you could staple things to a wall. 2) being able to swap the staple plate to making the staples bend outwards.
lkw1974 Review from
September 6, 2021
Works Well
What a great stapler from a great brand. Upon receiving this stapler in the mail I was super excited because we needed a new one because ours kept jamming so this was perfect. It is very easy to load staples in and very easy to use. It works well at stapling papers or whatever you need stapled. It doesn't jam like our old one and we like it so much better. Also this is a great brand we are familiar with and definitely recommend. Very dependable.
DebW Review from
September 30, 2021
A Beautiful Addition to Any Desk
This Swingline stapler is a really nice addition to my desk. I like that it makes stapling easy and can easily handle larger stacks of paper. It's great if you keep the stapler resting on your desk while you're stapling. Unfortunately, my desk is smaller so I need to keep the stapler off to the side and pick it up to staple. This stapler is a little bulky to pick up and hold while stapling but I love that it's quiet and easily staples.
Fran 123 Review from
August 29, 2021
Great Desktop Stapler
I am always organizing my paper work and will usually use paper clips. I used the Swingline Optima 25 Reduced Effort Stapler in Gray Orange color and it so easy to use, and it keeps my paperwork so much more organized than just paper clips. I really like how I can staple up to 25 papers at once and without problems. Stapling papers with this stapler is so smooth and quiet. I like how stylish it looks and how it looks so well on my desk.
Johnorl Review from
September 16, 2021
I donated my old one
My first Swingline was probably 30 plus years old and it was a little beat up but still worked fantastic my new one is light years ahead reduced effort makes a huge difference this is the same quality product I have grown to expect from swingline no corners have been cut creating the fantastic stapler like the very last one I will ever need to get. I have no doubt this will last 30 plus more years and will likely get passed down to someone in my family who wants it. This is the only stapler you will need to purchase a d is worth the price the quality and workmanship is second to none spend the
GrammyMcC Review from
September 30, 2021
Great for weak or arthritic hands.
Over the years I have had to pay "out of pocket" for electric staplers because my hands are so arthritic. This is the first stapler I have used that did not cause my hands to swell and ache after only a few uses. I would highly recommend the Swingline Optima 25 Reduced-Effort stapler for anyone over the age of 30 who uses a manual stapler a lot. This will make using a manual stapler so much easier and kinder on your joints!
CHRISTINE Review from
June 5, 2022
Smooth operator
It is so easy to compress and staple papers that a person with limited strength or maybe arthur-itus can use it. This uses a full size staple, as opposed to the smaller electric stapler from Bostitch. This standard staple is easily removed with the 2-jaws style staple remover, while that style tears and rips at the smaller electric staples.
Claude Review from
March 19, 2021
Geeking Out Over a Stapler!
You'd think a person couldn't get excited about something like a stapler, but you'd be wrong. Despite having a slightly higher capacity than most (25 pages rather than 20), the action on this thing is amazingly smooth. It looks like one of those jobbies where you're going to squeeze and then the staple goes BANG through the paper, but that's not the case at all. No muss, no fuss, easy to use and a decent price, to boot. My only complaint would be that you can't open it up to tack stuff to, say, a bulletin board. But other than that this is a pretty sweet piece of design.
Barb Review from
January 23, 2022
I've had an issue with this product
I bought it for office. Comfortable hand use. Robles is now the paper doesn't fit into space to staple. Spring to reset the gap isn't working???? I now have to left the staple mechanism to place documents and then staple. I've had this for a few months. Worked great until.....
JJ Review from
August 8, 2021
My favorite stapler
It sounds hopelessly geeky to have a favorite stapler, but I do and this is it! Quiet, easy and smooth to use even family members with arthritic hands and shoulders can use it repeatedly without pain because it takes so little force to use and doesnt have that sudden jerky motion that normal staplers do. I had this kind at work and was thrilled to find it available again so I could order one for home.
Nellie Review from
September 28, 2021
Great stapler
This is a great stapler. It has a decent weight to it but isn't too heavy. It staples through several layers of paper very easily. It is just the right size so it doesn't take much room. I definitely recommend this stapler for home or office use.
ANTHONY Review from
April 29, 2021
Generally, I am irritated with reviews that provide ratings based upon something other than the quality of the products. But in this instance, this is an issue attached to the decision to buy this product on line from Staples. The packaging was grossly excessive. Huge box used for a small items with little danger of breakage (and in fact little internal protection. So: just a big mostly empty box with a small stapler.
LAURA Review from
April 19, 2022
I love this stapler
This is the best low effort stapler I've used to date! It's so easy to use, I didn't know that it actually stapled the first time I used it! Having older and semi arthritic hands, this stapler has been a godsend. A total thumbs up!
DEBI Review from
July 13, 2021
We use staplers a lot and this stapler works well, was reasonably priced, and give us the choice to stand it up. It can staple 25 pieces of paper and that capacity is a plus! It's easy to use. Threw away two other "guaranteed jam free" staplers that did nothing but JAM! This one makes me smile!
Review from
October 23, 2018
So Easy To Use!!
I've been fighting with my staplers for a few years now. It never occurred to me to get new ones until my co-worker suggested it. In my generation we learned to make due with what we had. As I was looking through the new styles I saw that they had some reduced effort ones and thought what a great idea! I have arthritis in my thumbs and it hurts to staple. I didn't really want to get an electric stapler so thought I would try this one. I have to say it is such a surprise and makes a huge difference!! It works perfectly, love not having to pull out extra staples that didn't feed right and it's s
ellie Review from
June 6, 2022
love this stapler
So I used to use the old heavy steel? stapler at work because it's what they had and my hands and wrist always hurt. I'm not exaggerating. I got this one and and I'm so much happier. It's super easy to use, hardly any effort to staple papers. I've had no issues since I got it.
Susan Review from
June 22, 2021
Easy to staple multiple pages, painlessly.
Works great!! Uses little effort to effectively staple multiple pages. Staples pull up tight to the paper, even with just two sheets. Saves my hand!! No more slamming on a stapler hoping to get through multiple pages without breaking my hand. I can even staple sitting down now.
Marluna11 Review from
July 4, 2021
I totally love this stapler
I needed a new stapler because I broke my old one. My daughter bought me this stapler mockingly saying it was "a reduced effort" product. But even though she didn't mean it, she was right - it is totally reduced effort. I actually enjoy using it! I am very happy with this stapler and glad my daughter bought it for me.
KAC Review from
April 21, 2021
Horrible! Must have got a lemon.
Bought this stapler to replace one I've had for 15+ years. This one was worse than the old one. Staples jammed on the first try. Stapler sticks in down position. Totally disappointed. Requested return immediately. Won't buy again.
Review from
June 9, 2014
EZ Touch Reduced Effort STAPLER
I never thought I'd spend the time to write a review of a stapler. Too mundane. Sort of like writing a review of adhesive tape. But that was my thinking before I bought this Swingline LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler. Well, I never thought of stapling as a hard task, It's stapling, right? One of those simple every day things I never thought about. Running a home business that has grown larger than expected has had me stapling invoices CONSTANTLY, and my old stapler died on me. When I ran to the store, I really didn't put much thought into the stapler, This one was the nicest one they had, and
Subjective Wiz Review from
October 2, 2021
Nice stapler
This stapler is very easy to use. I do notice less effort is needed. My only criticism is that it is not very aesthetically pleasing. I have to store it in my desk drawer so it will not detract from my office decor.
trulyn Review from
September 23, 2021
Easy to use
I love this stapler. It's very lightweight and easy to use. It's quiet and doesn't require a lot of pressure to use. I would recommend this to everyone, including seniors, children all people.
CometGirl Review from
June 28, 2022
Only gave 3 stars, as it is a bit awkward
The stapler is works well when sitting on desk. It is too heavy and and awkward for holding and stapling. Also, I ordered blue, but received black, argh. So, if you want a nice "desk" stapler, go for it.
SmallBizAcct Review from
March 24, 2020
Still good, but not an improvement over prior mode
This is the third one of these we have purchased. The first finally died (that long spring is a weak point) and this is the replacement. The second is still going strong after a couple of years. This new one is a little different ("improved") and seems to jam more easily. Still a good machine but does not staple as large a stack of papers effectively, and needs to have jams cleared more often. To quote my employees: "I don't love it as much as the one that died".
Rockette8 Review from
April 14, 2021
Just what I needed
I needed an actual stapler: not one of those minis you use in college, or the cheap brand you can find in your grocery store. I wanted a solid stapler. This fits the bill. It holds a full sheet of staples and felt really smooth as it punched down. Great purchase!
Jeff III Review from
March 17, 2017
Awful Swap
This product was shipped to me as the "improved" stapler from the original 66402 (much more classic design). I ordered from Staples and have left a similar review there. The biggest issue is that my office has a classic/traditional look and this was not at all the aesthetic choice I was going for when the original product had been so well-received and reviewed. All I got was a note inside the package saying that Swingline hoped I liked the new stapler versus what I had ordered. Nobody called to say what I ordered was no longer available. Nobody emailed to say what I had ordered was no longer a
Maui Cat Woman Review from
July 21, 2021
great stapler
I have purchased so many staplers and they all crap out after several months. I love this stapler. It's very easy to use and don't have to push hard even when stapling several pages. I would buy it again
TSCCo Review from
Office Depot
July 17, 2018
Better than alot
So far this stapler is better than alot out there. I have tried quite a few. It is not a real light touch as some of the "paper pro's" or even the stand up / pick up orange version swingline has that does the same page capacity but it this is still an easier "press" even with a lot of pages. This one is a desk model and a reduced effort for sure but not a "finger touch" as some say. The blue is a see through blue and does not appear opaque and as turquiose as the picture online or as I would have liked, either. It does not classify as "returnable" for any of those things in my mind. I kept it
Cavalier85 Review from
September 1, 2021
Works great
Love this stapler. Nice and light but packs a big punch when stapling larger stacks of paper together. Feels comfortable in hand and easy to use one-handed without any loss of grip.
Bubba Review from
September 7, 2021
Good Easy to use Stapler
First the stapler looks really nice and has a good weight to it. I found it easy to load and use. was a little disappointed to find that it did not come with staples, would expect a retail package to come with a handful of staples to get a user going.
GJ Review from
September 23, 2017
Doesn't work , zero stars if I could.
Didnt do its purpose. Requires two hits each time , not effective , had to return after giving it about an hour of intermittent use. Sams local store returned and refunded my online purchase of stapler, no problem. Plus there also what looked like a manufacturers flaw that looked cracked and may have affected it's performance at some point eventually. Also not the same color combo stapler I ordered. I found an older stapler in my basement and took it to work , simple is better I believe , they last longer , my last one that wasn't a basic stapler had a short life. ordered.
HENRIETTA Review from
May 27, 2022
Easy on my wrist
This stapler is easy to push down. Also easy to staple holding it in one hand and paper in the other. I am glad I purchased it. My old stapler feels like it is from the past century which is probably is.
amanda.e Review from
March 2, 2021
Amazing stapler. This stapler was around $14 at target. I love that it is quiet compared to most other stapler and you don't have to force the stapler like others. The one I picked up will let you staple 25 pieces at a time. Highly recommend if your in the market for a new stapler.
Joe Review from
November 29, 2019
Never buy this - it is an unnecessary hassle!
This is the worst stapler ever. It is impossible to reload. This may sound silly - that I can't figure out how to reload this stapler. But either this is broken or the reload process is so counter-intuitive that it is pointless. Please do not buy this stapler. I think Swingline should refund everyone for this. And, I can't even reach someone at Swingline to help.
rhonda24 Review from
March 9, 2022
Good stapler
So far, I have no complaints with this stapler. I've had problems in the past with this particular product that staples alot of papers at one time. So I'm reserving my complete review at this time.
FrancesH Review from
September 10, 2021
Very Professional
Swingline has out done itself with creating this stapler. Very easy to load and use, I found it to be quite effortless. I love the design and how non bulky it is to handle.
Review from
March 15, 2018
Ergo Friendly
We stumbled across this product while searching for a smaller size stapler that fit easily into one's hand and would stand vertical for easy access. As a manufacturer wanting to reduce stress on our workers, this item has been very accommodating. These staplers are used by two to three employees on a daily basis and in our busy season (9 months out of the year), each stapler goes through approximately 800+ staples daily. I usually purchase six at a time approximately three times per year. For the amount of use, very cost efficient.
MICHELE Review from
February 6, 2019
Great Stapler
I received this stapler last week and I love it. It is so much easier to use than the standard Swingline that I had before. It staples with more struggles to push through the paper. I have arthritis in my hands and this stapler works so well that I can use it without any pain. It also has not jammed and caused the waste of any staples. As our office staplers age and need replaced, this will be the replacement of choice.
JMeeks Review from
Office Depot
January 29, 2019
Jammed on 1st two tries
I took this stapler out of the packaging and put in standard staples and the first try - it jammed so bad that I hardly could get the stapler open - had to really work at it. Then took out half of the full strip and 2nd try - it jammed in the exit of the stapler again - had to use needle nose pliers to remove staple. Not a good product or at least this one was not. Unfortunately I ordered 3 of the same product that were distributed to other office locations - hope they don't have issues with them.
JWLopez Review from
October 2, 2021
Wow, what smooth functionality.
I love this stapler. What a cool design and such smooth functionality. It staples so effortlessly you just want to spend all day stapling away.
ALBERT Review from
December 6, 2021
Good stapler
I have issues with carpal tunnel and this stapler is very easy to press down. Very little stress in the wrist and hand. I havent had any issues with it jamming.
Babcia Review from
June 29, 2021
Doesn't last long
This is my second purchase. The first jammed and I couldn't unjam it. Hopefully, this one will last longer. Since I have carpal tunnel, it is easy to use, doesn't require much pressure.
Dr John Review from
May 1, 2014
Amazing stapler!
This is an amazing stapler. It is compact with a punch. Works very easy! When I was looking online I was looking for a stapler like the original easy stapler I bought years ago that was black and red and long. I loved that stapler. It would staple together 25 pages with ease and I never had a single jam or issue with the stapler. Except it kept running out of staples. Go figure! It was borried a lot. So when it finally pushed out its last staple I went looking for a replacemet for it. Staples did not have the same stapler so all I had to go on was the description. I got lucky with the one I ch
Ladyhawke Review from
September 21, 2021
Smooth Stapler
A stapler is a stapler, it only has one job and this one does the job well. It is smooth and ergonomic, feels good in my hands, it is heavy and of excellent quality and it looks good with the rest of my office.
HappyStapler Review from
November 23, 2014
Best stapler ever!
My husband bought one of these staplers several years ago. I kept finding myself "stealing" his when I needed a stapler at home. Last year I got a wonderful new job and I bought a new stapler for my office. It kept jamming. I swapped it out. Same thing. So, I bought a different model and I nearly had to stand up to press down on it if I was trying to staple more than two pages at a time and it began to hurt my neck. So, I got the model number off my husband's stapler and ordered it from Walmart. It is just like my husband's...Easy to press (even multiple pages), doesn't jam and it cost less th
Carolyn M. Review from
March 31, 2017
5 Star Stapler, great reduced effort!
Ordered this after my carpal tunnel surgery. Good stapler, nice reduced effort - especially if you use it ON the desktop. Even if you pick it up and use it, more strength needed but still not like the old fashioned staplers... I also like that it can stand upright and take up less room. HOWEVER - I had to remember I was reviewing the stapler, not the mail order service... my problem is I wanted the blue - got an ugly black with orange, sent back got grey... I gave up, stapler works well, not worth the aggravation of trying to get the correct color.
Michael Review from
October 22, 2019
This stapler goes really easy and effortless through 20+ pages. My boss needed a effortless stapler because of all the stapling she needed to do, her hands started hurting. We didnt wanted to get that electrical stapler thing (size, mobility, price) so we gave it a shot. A really good investment!! Certainly can recommend this product!