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Covidien Gia Auto Suture Stapler: White Stapler With Dst Series Technology 60mm - 2.5mm
More Information
Manufacturer Covidien
Code GIA6025S
Sold By Each
Product Color White
Product Size 60.0mm - 2.5mm
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
48 Review
PAUL Review from
June 22, 2022
Swingline Optima Desk Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity
I was amazed by the sturdy construction of the stapler and stapling action. It easily stapled 15 sheets of paper together without jamming. I did it 6 more times with equally impressive results. It was worth the money!
H.E.D.C. Review from
October 23, 2021
This was the stapler that I had to begin with for many years. it fell after year
This was the stapler that I had to begin with for many years. it fell after years of use it broke. I purchased one from Walgreens in a pinch. Nothing but junk I went back to what works.This one.It was a very fast transaction and friendly.I would recommend them
Cheryl W Review from
October 1, 2021
My absolute favorite stapler!
I had a different stapler at work that broke around 8-9 years ago and I ordered this one to replace it. It has by far been the BEST stapler. I was in charge of ordering for my department and any time I needed to order a stapler for someone I would suggest or order this one. I have now ordered a second one to have for my home office since I am working from home several days a week.
edKHSgal Review from
April 5, 2022
Just the right size and works great!
My old stapler broke so I found this one. I like that it's a little more compact in size compared to the regular stapler. So far it seems to work great and doesn't misfire when stapling. It's a keeper for me.
Michele Review from
May 3, 2022
Attractive and easy to load
This is a very attractive, nicely shaped, silver-and- black stapler that matches my monitor, sound bar, keyboard and mouse. (Many people wouldn't care about that, but I am very sensitive to things matching and looking nice, and most other staplers are a plain solid color.) The stapler is also easy to load and works flawlessly.
" Review from
July 9, 2019
My new metal stapler
Purchased this metal stapler to replace a higher end mostly plastic stapler that was difficult to load with staples, easily jammed and eventually broke. In the week or so since this purchase, I have found it to be easy to load and staple paper. The amount of space to be travelled when depressing this stapler upon the desired quantity of paper is noticeably smaller than my previous stapler and is taking greater time to achieve comfort with than expected. This stapler nicely closes the staples but flattens the staple ends rather than curling and burying the ends into the back of the back of the
FRED Review from
February 11, 2021
Very disappointed customer
The stapler was not of good quality compared to this model purchased 7 years ago. It was lighter and not staple through as many pages as our previous model. This was a moderately expensive stapler and not worth the money. A poor replacement for Swingline's earlier models. Would not recommend purchase of this item.
Shannon Review from
June 6, 2022
This is the worst stapler I've ever used.
This stapler doesn't allow for ease when being reloaded. It jams up at least once a day. The staples don't slide to the front like they're supposed to and need to constantly be readjusted. This stapler is an energy vampire.
LoneStar Review from
December 28, 2021
Ideal Stapler for Personal Home Office
I needed a reliable, ergonomically-designed stapler for my home office that could handle 2- 25 page handouts. I'm very pleased with this sturdy, compact stapler. Does the job. Doesn't jam.
Review from
August 29, 2018
This stand-up vertical stapler is handy for tight spaces, where you need a stapler, but can't afford the horizontal space "flat" staplers require. B sur 2 recognize which staples it uses (i.e., SF3, SF4) becaus the staples do NOT appear to be interchangeable, with some of the other staplers. I usually tape the type of staple needed on the bottom of the stapler, or in a nearby drawer. OR, buy a required box of staples, at the same time, and label the box,"This is for the stand-up stapler in the .. (kitchen)." The first stapler I bought did NOT work. Insist the salesperson open some staples to t
DOROTHY Review from
April 28, 2020
Excellent stapler
This was an expensive stapler, but i was so tired of my old Bostich staplers jamming, i decided it was worth the price. I have swiched all the office staplers to Swingline. I bought this one for me. As an accountant, I process a lot of paperwork & it seems just about every piece of paper I touch needs to be stapled to something else. This one staples thick packets very well and has a comfortable grip. I did buy the recommended staples for it too. I am very happy
Julie Review from
April 16, 2021
Does the job
I broke my larger swingline stapler when I dropped it and I got this as a replacement; it was much smaller than I expected, but fits my hand grip perfectly so I wasn't upset. You do have to put forth more effort to staple though so that kind of takes away from being able to grasp it; go with a bigger model if you have more than 10 pages you're trying to staple.
S.E. Review from
June 21, 2019
I purchased this same model approximately 10 yrs ago, when I kept breaking new,
I purchased this same model approximately 10 yrs ago, when I kept breaking new, plastic staplers. It has served me well. Now I purchase office supplies for the office. When someone requests a new stapler, I buy this model for them because it holds up. I gave it 4 stars for being light weight because it isn't, but that's what I like about it. It is a good, sturdy, reliable, "old-fashioned" stapler.
ROBERT Review from
December 15, 2021
PETE Review from
May 24, 2021
Better Than My Old Bates Model But . . .
We'll see how it holds up over time. So far, it feels much sturdier and does a better job on multiple sheets than the Bates model did, but I haven't tested it on a really large number of sheets yet. It still doesn't feel as sturdy as the really old all metal staplers of yesteryear (as in 30-40 years ago).
Review from
September 25, 2018
Nice Stapler
Bought in the store. When I first took out of the package, the stapler had a few staples already in it . and it didn't work right off the bat because a staple had gotten stuck by some prior user. This obviously was a returned item...but instead of getting upset, I just fixed it. Didn't want to take the trouble of going back to the store. Fortunately, it's worked fine ever since. If it wasn't for the annoying problem in the beginning I would give it 5 stars. Hasn't jammed since and generally like it but it's a little heavy for its small size.
David Review from
May 5, 2020
Good Stapler
What can really be said about a stapler? This is a good product, although not time tested in this office yet. Its Swingline predecessor, which was more costly than the Optima but looked exactly the same, lasted sixteen years and jammed 2-3 times in all those years. If the Optima can live up to that, I'll be just as happy. Swingline makes a great office stapler in general, but you do get what you pay for and this wasn't a "cheap" stapler.
FLORENCE Review from
February 15, 2021
Swingline Optima Stapler, 25 Sheet ,Silver (87816)
I like the design; it can stand up in the limited space on my desk. Used it once so far on just 2 sheets of paper. No problem. Also its two-tone silver and black make it easy to see. Its size was another factor in my decision to buy it. I'm happy with it.
" Review from
February 9, 2021
great stapler
I love my new stapler. Just the right size and fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Easy to staple and it has a modern look about it which I like. I would recommend this stapler to anyone who wants a hand held stapler. It's perfect!
WILLIAM Review from
May 9, 2019
Perfection: Only One Star Away!
This stapler is the best Staples, stapler I could have ever wished for. The only reason I gave it a 4-star rating is because I have only had this magnificent device for a week. It has stapled many documents; however, it isn't entirely broken in yet. Once I feel that I have had sufficient time with this beautiful office tool, I will let you know how it is doing. Until then, it will remain one star short of perfection.
Anne Review from
May 6, 2021
ok stapler
Very nice looking. It staples nice when it works. It keeps jamming on standard staples. It says to use swingline S.F.4 premium staples. I need to try them. So if you purchase this, purchase the correct staples.
KETURAH Review from
October 14, 2019
Tiny and Powerful
A little skeptical at first because of the size, but it has quickly become my favorite stapler. I've gotten one for my coworker and my boss is asking for one as well lol. So much easier than the old ones we used that were way too big and inconvenient. You can pick up, staple and move on in minimal time. I'm all about saving time and not causing myself hassle. Work smart not hard lol.
small but mighty Review from
August 12, 2021
small but mighty
Bought this stapler to replace a heavy desktop stapler and was surprised it was smaller than expected. But this stapler can handle anything we throw at it. It's a Mighty Mouse!
DAVID Review from
August 28, 2019
Solid, reliable performer in a small package
Could just as easily give it five stars. I bought a small stapler to carry in my briefcase a few years ago and it was so weak as to discourage me from the concept. Finally, I decided to spend a few more bucks and get what appeared to be a much more solid tool. I was right. Compact, solid and sturdy. It performs quickly, easily and reliably.
KATHERINE Review from
January 26, 2021
Desk stapler
Compared to the stapler I am replacing this one looks the same but is made in a much lower quality. There is a rattle in the stapler and I discovered that when you remove the bottom black cover there is a small screw loose. It still seem to work correctly but I may have to return it for a new one.
LUIS Review from
October 26, 2021
Swingline Optima Stapler
This stapler did the job when others could not. It stapled through 7 sheets of construction paper like if it was butter. Well worth the expenditure.
Charles Review from
May 5, 2020
I wanted a stapler that I could place a large amount of papers in its jaws and it would staple with no problem whatsoever. Well.....this is the stapler to use. We staple close livestock bags for our trash pickup. We fold over the top several times and this stapler does it job with no problem. I would highly recommend this stapler for office use, as well as, heavy duty jobs.
mgp Review from
June 22, 2020
Great stapler so easy to use.
This is the best stapler I have from Swingline. It is small but can handle the job of many regular staplers without using much effort to it. I suffer from carpool tunnel from my work and this compact stapler helps me alleviate the pain. Would recommend this to others who do work in my field or at least dealing with a lot of paper work everyday.
Karen33 Review from
January 28, 2015
Worked three times then no more.
I recently purchased this stapler so that I could have one to travel around with me for work. I have another Swingline stapler at home that I love and have never had a problem with. Unfortunately that stapler is no longer manufactured. I purchased this one expecting the same great performance. After purchasing the stapler and the Optima staples to go with it I was able to staple three times. It was incredibly difficult to staple and then it jammed. I have not been able to un-jam the stapler. For a product that is advertised to not jam and be easy to use, I am very disappointed.
T.S. Review from
December 7, 2018
This seems like a good quality stapler, despite the fact it lacks that "heft" of
This seems like a good quality stapler, despite the fact it lacks that "heft" of models from my childhood. You could beat a burglar to death with one of those, but this one would barely nick his skin. That said, it's well constructed for basic stapling needs and the jam free design seems to hold true so far. It seems like it will last a long time.
BILL Review from
February 15, 2021
Terrific Stapler
Had to replace an older stapler that was jamming continuously. My new Swingline Optima Desk Stapler is great. Can staple 25 pages easily with this heavy duty model. Very pleased.
Buffy B. Review from
June 30, 2016
Not exactly as described!
There is a sticker on the side of this stapler that says, "Jam Free Guaranteed." It jammed the very first time I used it. I thought perhaps it was something I had done in loading the staples (but how hard can it be to load staples?!). Eventually I had to have someone else try to pry it open for me. Then it worked well after that for about a week and has jammed two more times. When it works, it's great! I generally love Swingline staplers but will purchase a different model next time.
Works Great, Jam Free Review from
July 31, 2014
It doesn't Jam
I had the Swingerline Optima Full Strip Stapler for 3 years now. It lasted forever and from that time I have gotten until now, it has only very rarely on a few occasion did it jammed on me. We used it at home and in my office. Since I am an director at a preschool, I worked in the office throughout the day. We have about 15 pages of application, registration and policy for each new incoming students to fill out. We really abused this stapler all through the day. This year when my preschool is getting more supplies for a new classroom. We immediately purchase another one. It works great on bull
Mudd Review from
October 29, 2019
Very sturdy.
This is the second stapler of this model I have purchased. It is a particularly good deal when OD has a sale going on... THIS ONE is working fine. The FIRST one I had to return, to the store,it was defective. BE SURE you buy staples, and the correct ones, very specific. The package does NOT do a good job of warning you to buy staples.
swingline optima full strip stapler Review from
December 26, 2014
great stapler
This stapler is fantastic. It staples multiple pages with no problems. As a teacher it is very important to have a functional stapler that can not only staple papers but can staple on bulletin boards. I especially like the function where the stapler can open up to staple good papers on the bulletin board. The only negative thing I have about this stapler is that the refill staples are very expensive in comparison to other staplers. However the stapler itself is not that expensive compared to other staplers. Overall the stapler is a good deal.
ginnieclev Review from
October 5, 2021
Greaty Stapler!
This stapler fits comfortable in my hand and doesn't take much strength to use when stapling. I also like the fact that it is very easy to refill, when needed!
AnnOfficeWorker Review from
October 30, 2019
I love it!
I work in an office and use a stapler regularly. Someone used my stapler and I replaced it with the Swingline Optima Grip. It is perfect! Its smaller than my previous stapler but it has a special grip that really works. Comfortable to use. I would but it again if goes missing from my desk!
Joel319 Review from
February 17, 2022
Works but not heavy duty
Works but with large amounts of paper it doesn't stand a chance, for what we paid and what it functions for it works just fine. 10 or more pages i'd recommend getting a heavier duty unit.
EVA Review from
August 20, 2019
So so Swingline stapler
I almost returned it because initially it would not staple. However after trying several times it began working. I had a less expensive Staples brand for years that worked much better but I dropped it and a piece broke off and it no longer functioned. I dont think at this time would recommend it. It is a new purchase so Ill keep working with it.
ROSEELLEN Review from
July 27, 2021
This stapler is such an improvement over my old one. I am so pleased with the larger paper capacity and effortless one-handed stapling.
tabrewster Review from
April 30, 2015
Swingline Optima 877801 Stapler
Started out as a good purchase, but after only two years, its performance leaves much to be desired. The device is rarely operated at or near full capacity and has never been abused. The stapler does not drive the staple through the stack (anything over 5 sheets being iffy), often fails to fold the staple over, and is prone to jamming despite using only Swingline staples. Another piece of junk courtesy of the Peoples' Republic of China and the misguided attempt to yield quality products for cheap, but at $22.00 I do not consider this a bargain price, nor was I looking for one. All I wanted was
Review from
June 26, 2014
Staples Swing line stapler
When I looked at the various staplers they have all kinds, fancy and heavy duty. What I needed was a stapler for my home office. This is the second swing line stapler that I have purchased. It is a proven brand name, stapler is light, but sturdy and doesn't jam. I have never had any problems or issues with my first swing line so I decided to purchase a second one. The swing line is priced right and I already had the proven track record. In Seotember I will purchase a third Swimg line for my two sons home/school office. Thanks Swimg line and Staples for a great product!!
e. Review from
October 1, 2012
This is the second Swingline Optima stapler that I have purchased. Now I have on
This is the second Swingline Optima stapler that I have purchased. Now I have one for my office and another for home use. The body is plastic but the silver part that holds that staples is metal. I've had no problems with it jamming but being used to using staplers on a heavy duty basis I baby these. They have turned out well. The design is sleek and I have received compliments from some of my fellow workers on the look of this item. Most staplers are damaged because people drop them or they try to staple too many pages. I do my best to avoid these two pitfalls. I find this stapler good for li
JANICE Review from
December 13, 2018
I always fall in love with my staplers. Each one has some unique feature the manufacturers seemed to dream up with me in mind. But, like all office supplies, they work well at first, and then fail in less than 2 years. This stapler is new and works well as a hand held device or as a standing stapler. Who knows how long it will remain functional -before the inevitable staple jams begin...
" Review from
July 8, 2018
Swingline Optima Desktop Stapler, 25 sheet capacity
This is at least my 10th one of these in as many years, and normally it has been my favorite stapler. This last purchase, however, was disappointing, in that one week after buying it, it was knocked off my counter and broke. It seemed much more fragile than previous ones. I will be buying another one of the same model though.
RobC Review from
September 29, 2013
Poor design for changing staples. No instructions
So I pick this stapler up from my son's desk. Try to staple -- nothing. Ok. Change staples. Now I don't have the manual but it is a STAPLER, so how hard can it be. First I pull up on the handle - No that isn't it. Ok. let's look. Turn it over. There is a button with an icon that shows an open stapler. Good... push button. Now the handle swings open but I can't get to the staples. Check for button on rear of handle to front load ... no button. No place for button so that isn't it. Still looking for a nice little icon that would indicate what to do. No icon, no inscribed wording. So try the web
Teacher with one stapler Review from
May 13, 2014
So far, so good...
I cannot seem to keep staplers working! I don't expect much, and I try to be gentle, but every stapler I buy trashes out in less than 6 months. I recently purchased the Swingline Optima full strip stapler and I'm already worried. It seems every 10-12th staple, it shoots a "blank" with no staple! Frustrating! I rarely staple more than 5-6 pages together at a time, and usually I have four pages. I don't rush, and I never hit the stapler. I use it on a flat surface with 2-handed, firm compressions...and the staplers still don't last long with me! I would like to rate this one again in a month or
American Mountain Rentals Review from
February 23, 2015
Great Product
I have purchased several Swingline Optima Grip Compact Staplers that have a capacity of stapling 25 sheets. I have had one of these staplers for several years and it still works perfect. We have several employees and almost each employee has one of the Swingline Optima Grip Compact Saplers on their desk. I have just now ordered several more and hoping to get one to each of our employees. I would highly recommend this Swingline Optima Grip Compact Stapler for any type of business. They don't take up much room, they are durable, and they look very nice.