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Hartmann USA, Inc. was founded by Ludwig von Hartmann and with over 190 years of experience has expanded into support, compression and incontinence products.

With high quality manufacturing, they will provide secure leakage protection, prevent skin problems and it ensures comfort and ease of use.


-Incontinence Pads

MoliMed® Sportive

Designed to accommodate your shape, providing extra security with 4 fixation wings for an active life. Specially made for slight to moderate bladder weakness.



Dignity Thin

Discreet and reliable protection, especially during important events and occasions. Superabsorbent material and odor control. Created for light bladder weakness. 


MoliForm Premium soft

Designed with a 3-layer absorbent core that ensures fluids are guided quickly into the center and stored there safely. Features include odor neutralizing superabsorbent core, leg elastics and integrated wetness indicator.

Ideal for all degrees of urinary and fecal incontinence.




-Incontinence Pull Ups

MoliCare Mobile Light

These antibacterial pants have a neutral pH, odor control and provide full absorption. Includes a wetness indicator, elastic leg gathers and an impermeable backside allows you to use it like any normal underwear. Ideal for urinary and fecal incontinence for active to semi-active persons.



-All-in-one Incontinence Briefs

MoliCare® Comfort

The brief with breathable side panels that protect the hip area, a 3-layer absorbent core that provides a strong antibacterial effect, odor neutralizer and a wetness indicator that appears after voiding. Made with elastic leg gathers for a better fit will give you reliable leakage protection and skin comfort. Suitable for people with moderate to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence.

incontinence-suppliers/molicare-comfort-pack                  incontinence-suppliers/molicare-comfort-example



MoliCare® Premium soft

All -in-one incontinence briefs made with a soft and discrete white design for increased wearing comfort. Also made with a unique combination of Active Skin Protection features such as a balanced pH, antibacterial effect, hypoallergenic, breathable and a 3-layer absorbent core. Perfect for people with middle to severe urinary and fecal incontinence. Highly effective Active Skin Protection feature helps to avoid skin irritation problems.

incontinence-suppliers/molicare-premium-pack                          incontinence-suppliers/molicare-premium-example



MoliCare® Super Plus

Fabricated with an extra-large super-absorbent antibacterial core that will also neutralize any bad smells. Includes a wetness indicator and will provide extra leakage protection and skin care. Ideal for people with very severe urinary and fecal incontinence; for extended overnight use.

incontinence-suppliers/molicare-superplus-pack                         incontinence-suppliers/molicare-superplus-example



-Incontinence Under Pads

Dignity Underpads

Under-pads with absorbent core of cellulose layers are water-proof and can be used as an under-pad or as an additional bed protectant.


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