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Personal Medical

Personal Med is a privately-held leading manufacturer of equipment for urodynamics. Making products designed to restore dignity, comfort and quality of life to all women with incontinence and/or prolapse.



Pessaries (vaginal inserts) are an effective choice of managing incontinence and prolapse.

EvaCare pessaries are designed with a soft and pliable medical-grade silicone that will help with easy insertion and removal.

Available in a variety of types and sizes in order to accommodate different needs.



Ring Pessary

Available in 9 sizes, both with and without support.

This type of pessary is very common for a first to second degree prolapse.

Insertion is eased with the folding action of the Ring.


Oval Pessary

The Oval pessary works the same way as the Ring pessary but it is designed specifically to fit a narrow vaginal vault.

Available in 9 sizes, all with support, and is used for a first to second degree prolapse as well as an accompanying cystocele.


Dish Pessary

Used to relieve stress incontinence and minor degrees of prolapse.

Available in 8 different sizes, with and without support.



Cube Pessary

Designed for third degree prolapse, including procidentia, as well as a cystocele and rectocele.

Available in 11 sizes, both with and without drainage holes and has a silicone tie to aid in removal.



Gellhorn Pessary

The Gellhorn pessary is used for a second to third degree prolapse, or procidentia.

Contains drainage holes in its base and comes in 9 sizes.

The knob of the Gellhorn easily folds over for insertion



Donut Pessary

Specially made for third degree prolapse as well as cystocele and rectocele.

The soft donut can be compressed for insertion.

Available in 7 sizes.



Shaatz Pessary

Available in 9 sizes

Made for second to third degree prolapse and an accompanying cystocele.



Mar-Land Pessary

The Mar-Land is used for stress incontinence and minor prolapse.

Available with and without support in 7 different sizes



Hodge Pessary

The Hodge folding pessary has wires that allow it to be manually shaped for different anatomies.

Can be used for a first to second degree prolapse, cystocele, stress incontinence and an incompetent cervix or uterine retroversion.

Available in 10 sizes both with and without support. 



Gehrung Pessary

Made with wires that allow it to be manually shaped for different anatomies.

Designed to support both cystoceles and rectoceles as well as second to third degree uterine prolapse.

Available in 9 sizes. 


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