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Salk Company

Salk, Inc. has been in business for over 60 years (since 1950).  For all that time, Salk’s objective has been to give back quality of life to those persons who suffer from incontinence.  They have successfully accomplished this goal by providing a wide variety of personal care products for men and women that are innovative, comfortable to wear and have the appearance and feel of regular underwear.  All of the products are highly absorbent, durable and are made of the best quality materials.

Salk products do not contain latex and are made in the U.S.A.

Some of the main products are:

Adult absorbent products: Panties, briefs, liners, underpads  and garments (washable and reusable).

-Health-Dri absorbency with breathable panties/ briefs

If you experience any incontinence issues, HealthDri™ reusable Ladies Heavy Panties offers a full protection with the appearance, feel and care of any regular underwear.

  • A patented moisture transport system designed to keep users dry
  • The absorbency requirements is of 80-90% of all incontinence sufferers.
  • Moderate panties hold up to 2.5 oz. Heavy panties hold up to 6 oz.


CareFor  Deluxe Underpads

Carefor Deluxe Underpads are designed to control and absorb liquids. The quilted design and three-layer construction will not slip or shift.

  • Protects bedding and chairs.
  • Pad features Stay-Dry top layer
  • Brushed polyester top sheet with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal finish that wicks fluid away from the patient.
  •  Fully holds 10 oz. Poly-rayon soaker that absorbs and traps fluids
  • PVC/polyester back sheet is totally waterproof and provides a non-slip surface 
  • Quilted construction means that the pad maintains its shape
  • Waterproof binding prevents moisture from wicking over the edge


Odor control products

CareFor Ultra Odor Control HaloShield

A fresh solution to the problem of urine odor.
The Carefor™ Ultra undergarments are made with antimicrobial protection that eliminates odor, embarrassment and hassle. The germ and odor-killing power of the reusable garment is renewed with every wash in chlorine bleach.

Stops odors and kills odor-causing germs

• Eliminates the unpleasant, embarrassing urine odors that result from incontinence
• Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria

Waterproof protection and enhanced comfort

• Ultrasoft moisture-wicking top layer, to keep user dry
• Super absorbent inner layer quickly traps fluids
• 100% waterproof protection




Personal Care

DiabetiCare Cream

Relieves dry cracked skin in just days and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells for long ­term benefits with OMEGA­-6 essential oils.

DiabetiCare® works by providing skin cells with Gamma-­Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that’s needed to create and maintain healthy skin cell membranes.

•No animal ingredients
•Natural and not tested on animals
•May be used as any other lotion -- several times a day and as needed to maintain healthy skin
•Diabetes Educator and dermatologist recommended 


As a preferred distributor, Drip Armor provides affordable access to all Salk Supplies.
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