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Urocare is a manufacturer since 1975, designing the most durable, safe and easy to use products such as reusable leg bags, disposable leg bags and urinary drainage bottles.


Urocare Reusable Latex Urinary Leg Bags

Made with the new High-Flow anti-reflux valve allowing fast drainage and preventing back flow. Offers the new odor control barrier technology that will protect the inside and outside giving you double odor protection.

Available in different styles and sizes.



Uro-Safe Disposable Vinyl Urinary Leg Bags

Designed with soft and transparent vinyl, with a discreet opaque white vinyl back. Made with the first silicone inlet valve, it is self-cleaning and prevents uninterrupted flow and back-flow. Available with the choice of easy twist- type drain valve or a thumb-operated tube clamp.



Urocare Urinary Drainage Bottle

This effective drainage system can be used with Foley or male external catheters after a urostomy or ileostomy. Its latex free material is durable and reusable. Holds up to 2,000 ml.


As a preferred distributor, Drip Armor provides affordable access to all Urocare Supplies.
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