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Encore - RING KIT - Impo-Aid Ring Kit

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Starter ring kit. Includes: size 3, size 5, size 7 and size 9 rings, loading applicator, lubricant

More Information
Manufacturer Encore
Brand Impo-Aid
Categories Condition, Erectile Dysfunction, Incontinence, Urinary Catheter
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
32 Review
kimberly_s_r Review from
December 29, 2016
It works! I was hesitant because of mixed reviews, but I took the leap and it's working fine for me. I will say it isn't completely stopping the ring from spinning, but it's definitely not spinning nearly as much or as often. It's made of a soft, but sturdy plastic, which is worth noting because it kind of looks like metal on the package picture. Just be aware that it's soft plastic, which is good since it won't scratch your ring up. It does indeed self adjust as you flex your finger and is very comfortable. It's almost invisible, which I love. My ring is about .25 or 1/4 of a size too big, I
dawnhammond77 Review from
January 16, 2019
Really comfortable.
My fingers seems to change diameter quite a bit with temperature but my knuckle doesnt which means the size ring that goes over my knuckle spins on my finger Most of the time until I get a bit warm which certainly isnt at the moment! So I cant have the ring resized. I tried snuggies and they were uncomfortable. i was aware of them the whole time and I was worried Id scratch my toddler. This is comfortable, stops my ring spinning and pretty much invisible. Toddler friendly. Great product!
biegenc Review from
October 11, 2017
Ring Sizers that actually work!
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw these but they were so cheap that I decided it was worth the risk. Happily there was no risk involved at all...These are perfect to size a ring up without the hassle of going to a jeweler. And as we ladies all know there are times where all your rings fit perfectly and times when they don't so sizing a ring permanently can be a problem. This solves that problem of fit. The ring I used this for is about a quarter off of my 'natural' size so again, I decided not to resize it permanently but to try this. I have to tell you these are easy to put int
gingerbaby2012 Review from
February 22, 2018
What a nifty idea.
WoW these are great. Im a bit of a ring freak and love switching out my rings but some days my finger size is different. And I especially hate when my wedding rings slip around to the side. These little ring guards are the perfect solution. Pretty easy to put on or take off and theyre not at all noticeable. Matter of fact I purchased a second pack so Id never be without them. I couldnt be more pleased with this item. Three cheers to whoever came up with these inexpensive problem solvers.
nanseed Review from
January 9, 2018
Works very well
I was pleasantly surprised at how well these work! I was hesitant because of some of the reviews I had read. I think the trick is making sure the sizer you pick is the right fit for your ring. I bought it for a new ring and it works perfectly. It NEVER falls off. Since it worked so well I decided to try another one on my wedding band. Since I never remove my wedding ring, I never have taken it off and it has NEVER fallen off! I would recommend these!
funkysugarstar Review from
January 30, 2017
I used to be a plastic ring noodle user. Now I love Ringo
Perfect for those rings I ordered too big. Perfect fit and the ring doesn't move on my finger mind you I had to try between 3 sizes of ringos to make sure which fit best. But the ringo and my ring stay on my finger not budging. Like exact fitted rings should be. Compare to the plastic noodle would move in my daily routine and I have lost a few in the process of wearing rings over the years. I would definitely recommend and the ringos are easy to install and remove. Love them.
45august Review from
February 14, 2018
Loose ring remedy.
This product certainly provides a solution to loose engagement ring. However, the pack contains lots of different sizes, most of which are unsuitable. It is also very expensive. Would be much better to grade the sizes in smaller packs, and sell more cheaply. I have also found the device very difficult to fit, but I think with practice I should get the hang of it ! It certainly works, is virtually invisible when in place, and is comfortable to wear.
Cynthia Review from
December 20, 2021
There were three different sizes, not a soft material and needed better instructions. Once I figured out how to apply one, it was somewhat comfortable; however, it was constantly moving.
bubbasrippedsocks Review from
February 27, 2017
Discreet & stays in place
I have worn mine for 3 weeks now, it has never fallen off. I don't even realize its there, feels comfortable and is hardly noticeable. I have tried those rounded tube like ring snuggies and they caught on everything, were hideous, uncomfortable and fell off all the time. I love my ring so much more now that I dont have to deal with the ring being to loose and spinning all the time. It's really crazy how well this simple gadget works.
anazapta1311 Review from
February 14, 2018
Ring adjusters that work
I have been trawling the internet an day local jewellers to find a good ring adjuster , as I have a bigger nuckle then my finger. What I wanted was an adjuster a) does the job - ie. holds the ring in place b) is concealed and thereby does not spoil the look Well these adjusters do the job, I was over the moon Found the fitting instructions not that easy to follow, maybe a short You Tube video showing how to best fit might do the job for us grey surfers. I will be more to fit my other rings too
getsmarttooling Review from
December 9, 2017
Odd Fit
I bought these in hopes all my rings that need to be smaller by half a size I could start wearing them. These are a bit odd. They are good for different band widths but they don't stay on in the center. While wearing them they are always moving from side to side. I'm still unsure about these as I am old school and used to wearing the metal type adjusters. They'll do the job till' I find elsewhere...
irisheyes21 Review from
March 7, 2018
Invisible Ring Sizer
I found the product did indeed allow my oversized ring to fit better however getting the device into the ring band wasn't all that easy as this must be done while the ring is worn. The resizer itself does not stay put but can move around the ring band and fall out if one is washing/drying ones hands etc. Despite its negatives, the product is useful for the purpose and certainly inexpensive enough.
Dianna Review from
August 20, 2020
Ring sizer
I found 2 that would fit my rings. In the picture it looked like it was metal but it is plastic. It worked fine in my ring but wouldn't stay o. My husbands. A bit expensive for plastic.
ncom2365 Review from
September 25, 2018
My rings that were too big now fit perfect!!
I am so happy with this product. I havent been able to wear some rings that were a half size too big. Now the fit perfect. I highly recommend this product. You wont even know that it is on the ring. Very comfortable.
sotovic-60chevy Review from
September 22, 2020
Great idea
Great to use when you have arthritic knuckles. Just slide the ring over your knuckle, bend the Ringo then slide it under the ring. It keeps the ring from turning.
vigavik.sukwpno Review from
February 16, 2019
Perfect- no more spinning ring and really comfortable to wear!!
These little things are amazing. I have a large knuckle but slim fingers! These are just perfect, no more spinning ring. Delighted with product I cant recommend highly enough!!
g-caldi Review from
November 8, 2018
Great fit!
I use the largest fitment on my Mens size 5 or 6 pinky ring. I was using ring snuggies before this but I hated the way the snuggie stood out away from my finger. Ringo fits well and you c as not really tell it's there. Highly recommended.
tresjorda-0 Review from
June 7, 2017
Good in a pinch
For the price, it's ok. Yes they're invisible. However, wearing it while washing my hair, it snagged in my hair, while washing my face, they scratched. When I shower, I'll have to take my rings off. I'll use these for now, but will look for something that doesn't snag my hair or scratch my face.
cskk1945 Review from
March 26, 2020
good product
in the past I have tried about every product of this type and these are very good. they are a little tricky to place but once you do that they stay put and are pretty comfortable.
lady2_2009 Review from
February 27, 2019
Simply the best item for its purpose at a reasonable price.
It is well designed, well finished and easy to fit. A variety of sizes to choose depending on the style of ring. Hard to detect when on the finger, self adjusting and therefore secure.
hddyna2016 Review from
December 26, 2017
Ive tried so many different things and products to have my ring stay put and they always shifted an moved. This was easy to put on and stays put. And its bearly noticeable an comfortable. Love it! Ty
jaunita2u Review from
January 2, 2018
Good product.
They work perfectly to keep my engagement ring on when my finger has shrunk because of the cold. I can also keep my top heavy ring up right but can still get my ring over swollen knuckles by taking the adjuster off while still wearing the ring.
selerobb Review from
December 2, 2017
Ringo 6 Pack Invisible RING SIZER
I have a couple of rings that are to large and these saved me from having to go to the jeweler to have them resized. They are perfect in comfort they stay on the band and don't slip around. I recommend these sizers
Kim Review from
June 30, 2019
Works fine but I'd hoped it would stay on the ring when removing the ring. I have to remove my rings carefully because the sizers fall away. Other than that, they work nicely.
davidworster413 Review from
April 30, 2020
Not a good fit
They send multiple sizes but none of them actually wrap around to stay stuck on the ring so anytime you remove the ring that thing just flies off
sedonadreaming61 Review from
December 22, 2017
Great product
This small clear adjuster is AMAZING! It stays on during everyday activities including cleaning, washing your hands ect and is very comfortable. Great product! !!!
srosetta1944_4 Review from
December 7, 2020
Ring Size Adjuster for loose rings
Perfect! Just what I wanted! Thanks!
amar469 Review from
February 13, 2019
Ring adjuster
It certainly does what its made to do, wish it could be attached to the ring in some way, moves around and the 4 prongs sometime dig into your finger. That says it does work and you get used to it very quickly.
bb_specialties Review from
September 11, 2019
Great invention and hand
very handy and great invention. It is giving me enough time to decide which larger rings look best on what fingers so I can get adjusted - or don't need too :)
traceyscott69 Review from
July 5, 2017
Lost one on first day.
I tried a couple of sizes, picked the snuggest fit, followed directions on the packaging, and still lost one the first day I wore it. It did make the ring fit better but was not at all secure in the ring.
Patricia Review from
September 1, 2021
wise purchase
worked perfectly to resize my rings and are not visible to others
ctor9079 Review from
March 27, 2017
Ring sizer
It's a good product if you intend to keep your ring on most of the time. I would say to put some type of mark on it just in case it does happen to fall it would be easy for you to find it. Does not work with all rings.
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