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Ethicon Proximate Stapler: Green Reloadable Linear Staple With (11) Titanium Thick Staples 30mm
More Information
Manufacturer Ethicon
Code TX30G
Sold By Each
Product Color Green, Tan
Product Size 30.0mm
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4 from 1 - 5
50 Review
ROBERT Review from
March 25, 2021
Completely underwhelmed
A Swingline user for 40 years. Steel constructed. Took daily office beating, but ultimately fails. Tried this Bostich - 28 pages vs. 25 in Swingline. And my 1960's small metal Bostich still works. This is built with lighter weight steel. Performance: poor. Jammed the first day. Even the "premium" staples are thin, contributing to poor performance and jamming. Buy something else.
M.O. Review from
May 1, 2021
I am a teacher and use staplers daily. I have been teaching for over 23 years. I
I am a teacher and use staplers daily. I have been teaching for over 23 years. I wish I would have had this stapler years ago. I cannot express how amazing this stapler is. It is so easy to staple with. It staples effortlessly. It will staple 25 or more pages easily. I also use it for putting up my bulletin boards. It is so great for that too. The stapler has a built in staple remover and hidden staple compartment. A purchase that you will not be disappointed in.
pinkxobarbie Review from
June 9, 2020
Great Stapler
I would have given 5 stars if the housing was a bit more heavy duty. However the entire stapler is made out of plastic which, to me, it would seem like you could have a much lower price point. With that being said it doesn't have any operating issues. I staple things all day long and haven't had a single issue. I also get lots of compliments due to its color. There's a staple puller on the back of the stapler and a storage compartment on the bottom to store extra staples. So far I've done 30 sheets at a time with no problem. It's extremely easy to press with one finger through 30 sheets of pap
RON Review from
April 26, 2022
Bostitch stapler
Lurched this spring powered stapler for my wife who has arthritis in her hands. Works very well, requiring just finger pressure to operate. It impressed me so I bought one for myself. With it, you can easily staple papers together while holding them in your hand and not having to have a surface to place the stable on.
RonR Review from
May 17, 2020
Wonderful Stapler for Everyday Use
Best stapler I have ever used and I have been using staplers for more than 60 years. This is very easy to grip and the staple action is very smooth. I have already gone trough more than one row of staples and not one single jam. I have stapled 2 pieces of paper and as many as 18, no problems. I like the way the stapler sits up on end on a desk taking up very little space. It also has an "onboard" space to keep a new line of staples which is nice but not necessary. At the end of each line you still have to reach into your box of staples to fill either the stapler or the onboard cavity. That is
SANDRA Review from
September 22, 2021
Looks great and works
The stapler is green and makes it easy to spot on my desk. It is light weight but gets the job done the first time. I would not hesitate to buy this stapler again. I highly recommend it. Don't like green? Look for other colors.
J.H. Review from
June 1, 2021
I have used at least 5 different styles of 'ergonomic' or 'assisted' stapler, an
I have used at least 5 different styles of 'ergonomic' or 'assisted' stapler, and this one is my very favorite! It is a little loud, and there is a running joke in my office about how noisy I am, now, but it is worth every bit of it for the relief in my wrist! I love that it holds an entire strip of staples, so I'm not constantly refilling it, and it feels comfortable in my hand. I will be buying again and suggesting to all my office friends!
JanGK Review from
April 1, 2020
Light Touch Stapler
We had been using a broken down stapler at school and had asked for a new one to be ordered, but none had been coming. Then I received an Office Depot/Max reward which I applied toward the purchase of this product. I had been wanting a light touch stapler for use at school for quite a while with all the stapling we do. It is so easy to use and easier on my wrists. It will also be great to use for stapling items on the bulletin board. I can't wait! No more bent up staples. It will be a breeze. It also has a staple remover. Hey, I won't have to wreck my finger nails! I bought a similar stapler f
ruby7*28 Review from
March 19, 2019
It is not translucent dark pretty green, it's flaming neon granny apple lime green. It's light and plasticky feeling, not very weighty at all. staple end window does not align with staple end, and since the unit is now opaque you can't see if you have staples left anyway without picking up the stapler. Staples float too easily in the chamber. When you close the chamber after filling and bring the top back down the latch reopens the chamber (WHICH MAKES NO SENSE). DOES NOT MATCH PICTURE. BOTCHED BOSTITCH KNOCK OFF OF WHAT WAS TRULY A GREAT PRODUCT. I REALLY MISS PAPERPRO!!!
Eco10 Review from
December 14, 2021
So far so good
My trusty 20 + year old stapler was taken off life support and well you know.. This one is great! It is easy to use and staples great. It does not leave any loose staples in t he back if the paper, and has not jammed. Only had a couple of weeks , but it is looking good.
S. Review from
April 22, 2015
Review update: Well, they must have changed the product style and or part number
Review update: Well, they must have changed the product style and or part number as shows I bought this before but I don't have this model. But to my surprise, I like it better. Easier one finger operation is true, has a built in staple remover as well as staple storage on the bottom. This one is also unique where you can use it in the opened state to staple something against a post/ board etc like a staple gun would do. Oh, this model case is metal as well so should hold up well. Orig review: Nice as you expect from a PaperPro.. this model is metal unlike cheaper plastic versions... Only prob
Meme100 Review from
March 16, 2021
Love Bostitch
Just purchased this Spring-Powered Stapler. Absolutely LOVE it. Good quality. Just the right weight. No problem with it at all. Have been using it everyday since it arrived. Delivery went well and as expected. Product is as advertised.
Gramma Review from
May 2, 2020
Bostitch 551703 stapler
We just purchased this Bostitch stapler #551703. We had a tough time figuring out where and how the staples were inserted. There is no instructions anywhere. Come to find out, you pull the stapler apart, then just lay the staples inside the staple compartment inside the stapler with the staple prongs upward. I've never seen a stapler like it before. It works smoothly and quietly. We staple with it sitting flat on the desk.
Julie Review from
Office Depot
January 14, 2016
Best Stapler - 5+ Years and still going strong!
I used to be in sales and would create ad-hoc traning materials that were consistently 20-30 pages and always struggled with the typical office provided stapler. Heave Duty staplers were too big and cumbersome to remove if necessary. I came across this stapler over 5 years ago and I'm almost embarrassed to admit, it was life changing. No issues stapling my thicker training packages. I supported multiple locations and eventually purchased one for each location I was at. Anyone that ever borrowed it would threaten to take it. I'm in a new role now and this past Christmas, I gave the stapler to a
Elle Review from
April 12, 2022
I had one before that worked perfectly. Identical but was manufactured by PaperPro. I thought since it looked the same it would be the same. No luck. Constantly jams and gets stuck trying to open and shut it.
DONNA J Review from
December 13, 2021
Bostitch inPower 28 sheet
This does take less effort to staple, however it doesn't always staple, sometimes, taking several attempts. I've only had this a few days so far. I like the fact it doesn't hurt my hand (tendonitis & arthritis).
R.m. Review from
October 10, 2018
Love this little stapler! It's easy to use and gets the job done. It doesn't alw
Love this little stapler! It's easy to use and gets the job done. It doesn't always stay standing up, but I'm usually in a hurry when I'm putting things together so it's probably my fault lol! Weird fact- if I have anything in the stack to be stapled other than paper, it won't staple. I'm a teachers aide and sometimes we put things in zippy bags and staple labels to them. It won't staple them, even if it's got paper on both sides. Strange, but not a deal breaker for me. I still love my stapler :)
S.1. Review from
August 12, 2020
Finally found a stapler that WORKS!!! I went through so many staplers at work th
Finally found a stapler that WORKS!!! I went through so many staplers at work that we have a collection of staplers... ??????? I was beginning to think that I just had bad luck with staplers or this pandemic got to them. Bonus... Its in PINK!!! Now NO ONE will run off with my stapler and Id have to find another one...
R.E. Review from
January 31, 2020
The box states: "Includes 210 standard staples". No staples were included, so I
The box states: "Includes 210 standard staples". No staples were included, so I took off a star. None in the stapler, nor in the "storage" part of the stapler, nor in the box. Loading the stapler is not intuitive, and there were no instructions included, so I had to go on-line to figure out how to load it. It is very lightweight (almost feels cheap, but I guess lightweight is good?!) . And it is easy to staple. We'll see how it works over time.
office guy Review from
July 24, 2014
it's a stapler
sounds simple enough, but most staplers can't keep up with my office or they jam incessantly. ever since swingline discontinued the powerease, i've been on the search for a powerful stapler that uses normal size staples. turns out i had this paperpro prodigy sitting on another desk and had just never considered it for heavy use because it's action is so very light that you can't help but underestimate it. i routinely staple 20+ pages together for daily reporting and close to 30+ of (very thin) triplicate form. no problems, no jams with this. easy as pie. it does on occasion leave an open end t
ProfessorJan Review from
February 7, 2020
Bostich in Courage Stapler
Loved the pressure and look. However, no staples were provided (210 were promised) and I didn't understand how to fill the staple holder easily. It would have necessitated finding smaller staples. I received a second stapler and there were no staples either, so I let it go. However, if you have time to locate the little staples, it appears to be an wonderful stapler and the In Courage theme is wonderful.
lovepaper Review from
March 17, 2021
crazy love
As an adult it is crazy how the simple things make you happy. I Love this stapler. You do not need to apply much pressure to use, staples through many sheets at one time , and even has a secret compartment to hide extra staples. I was so happy with it I even had my coworkers to try it
Sandy Review from
Office Depot
January 4, 2019
Paper Pro Stapler is the best
My arthritic hands love the Paper Pro Stapler. It's light, easy to staple lots of pages. You don't have to squeeze hard to staple. My wrist and hand used to hurt so bad due to the old stapler---not any more. One of our construction guys needed to use my stapler and he was totally amazed! I had to show him which drawer I keep it in so he can use it when I'm not here! Plus the colors are pretty. I even bought myself one for home use and the old one still worked but not as good as the Paper Pro!
kk82 Review from
March 9, 2021
Everyone in our office loves this stapler!
We bought this to replace a stapler that sits beside our copier and gets a lot of use from everyone in our office. I went from hearing complaints about constant stapler jams with the old one to everyone raving about how powerful and easy this new one works. I'm sure this will be our go-to stapler when old ones need replaced.
M. Review from
January 27, 2020
I have had several Paper Pro staplers, for many years. As such, eventually, they
I have had several Paper Pro staplers, for many years. As such, eventually, they loose their effectiveness- a few staple jams, pieces dont click in place as well, etc...simply, a lot of use. Over the last few months, I have 3 new (more) ones!! I appreciate having the pink ones still available....have the Paper Pro 3 hole punch in two colors now, too!!!
Carol L. Review from
October 24, 2016
Greatest stapler ever
I bought this stapler for myself for work because I was having hand issues, eventually requiring surgery. This stapler was a life saver. So sweet and easy to use and staples correctly every time. So, my boss used mine the other day and loved it. I got him one for his birthday and also for my sister's birthday with whom I work. They are both thrilled! My second boss will be getting hers for Christmas! So bad when you have to buy your own supplies, but this stapler was well worth the money. Costly, but love it.
shandoncolt Review from
March 5, 2020
Doesn't work
I have purchased several staplers of this brand and they have worked great. Since pink is my favorite color I was very excited to see a pink one. I purchased one for myself and my boss and they are horrible. They do not staple every time you use it and they get jammed easily. We are the only ones with this problem and it is very frustrating! Don't let the color fool you. It doesn't work!!
L.H. Review from
June 24, 2018
This stapler is ahhhhmazing. I am a teacher and staple often. I have developed a
This stapler is ahhhhmazing. I am a teacher and staple often. I have developed a little arthritis in my dominant wrist and stapling is becoming a bit painful. I used this stapler when passing in the office and was shocked by how you don't have to exert pressure to staple. I bought one immediately and my Mom got one too, after trying mine. A wrist and hand saver!!
Review from
October 17, 2016
Works great
Ok so I previously made a review on this stapler and I'm changing my review now... The stapler had worked great for a year then all of a sudden it kept jamming and not working correctly. I even bought another stapler to replace it but still kept it around. My coworker one day asked me to order swingline staples instead of the office depot brand staples. Turns out the office depo brand staples were the reason why the staplers in the office kept jamming. Been using the swingline staples for awhile now and all of our staplers are jam free. So if you do buy this stapler only use swingline staples
Review from
October 26, 2013
PaperPro is the Best
I have purchased about a dozen PaperPro's during the past several years. I buy them every time they are on sale. I absolutely love them. I have one PaperPro on each desk inside my house, and I bring it into the office and share it with my colleagues. (My wife does the same.) I have to agree with some other reviewers that a few of them break after only some usage, but 80% of them are working FINE and lasting well. That's why I always buy a few as backup when it's on sale. It absolutely saves your wrist from being torn and worn out. I think it should be in the recommendation list of every physic
SLDAZ33 Review from
June 27, 2019
Being a girly girl, I always enjoy bringing a small splash of color to my office desk. While the color was pretty, I was completely disappointed with its function! - Its difficult to add staples, pieces of the insides have come apart, the staples jam. Its a MESS. I hate this stapler. Im sorry I wasted the money !! UGH!! You will be better served finding another.
Review from
March 6, 2014
Best stapler for arthitis
I have arthritis in my hands so a regular cheap-y stapler is very hard for me to use. This thing is amazing, takes no effort whatsoever. I had one of the "translucent colored" ones a couple years ago, that one broke after only a few months. Just completely quit stapling. Bought this one on sale, and I'd gladly pay full price for it. Had it for about 6 months now and no issues at all! The only somewhat down side is that it's so strong, that when I only have 2 pages to staple together, it sometimes tends to go all the way through the page. It's hard to explain. But although it says only 25 page
C.A. Review from
December 15, 2019
Forget Swingline, Bostitch is where its at! All the time I had a red Swingline,
Forget Swingline, Bostitch is where its at! All the time I had a red Swingline, the ladies ignored me. I bought the hyper neon green Bostitch, it drove the ladies wild! All of a sudden I was making rich women beg, good women steal, old women blush, and young girls squeal. I was bad to the Bostitch!
Gabriella I. Review from
April 6, 2015
Great when it works, but...
Ok, so I ordered it for this tax season, since I have regular problems with a stapler that isn't one of the higher capacity ones, but can handle stapling more than 4 sheets of paper. So, upon first using it, it was great. Smooth action, quick stapling, and could handle a fair amount without needing to use the heavier duty staplers in the office. I had to replace the first strip of staples I placed in this upon receipt, and it WON'T STAPLE! WTH! It makes the indentation like staples are being inserted, but nothing. What now? I'm using the correct 26/6 staples in the stapler. But I need this to
RON Review from
July 19, 2021
Bostich in power stapler
I bought the stapler for my wife who has arthritis. The stapler takes less effort to use and has not jammed once since we bought it. I would highly recommend the stapler.
Michele Review from
June 8, 2021
Doesn't work
Received the Bostitch Stapler. It stapled once then jammed. It now will not staple. I have a different Bostitch Stapler that I love. This style one not so much. Will try to return.
LJG9625 Review from
February 10, 2015
Not Durable
I bought 3 for the office staff. In 6 months, 2 have broken - both at the same weak spot that is at the base of the handle that you depress. It has plastic pegs to hold it in place. They don't seem to be stout enough for the task. Having said that...if your demands are light duty and you can ensure that it will be used rather gently, I would say it might work for you. The mechanism, itself, is pure genius. It operates more like a staple gun. All you are doing is depressing the handle. The spring action is what fires the staple and, "yes" it really does go through 25 pieces of paper using one f
laruetradingco Review from
May 28, 2021
Great stapler!
This stapler works really well and is extremely sturdy and versatile to use. Love the royal blue color and the sleek design of the product. It staples almost anything and goes well with almost any office or home office desk decor.
ann22 Review from
February 2, 2022
This is such an amazing stapler.
I bought this to replace a stapler that kept jamming when I used it. This one makes stapling effortless. It hasnt jammed at all since I got it.
gwp302 Review from
February 21, 2015
Truly a Pro
I used one of these at school, and immediately had to have one. Since I'm an honest person, I wouldn't steal the one I used, so I looked it up on the web and found WalMart had the best price. I ordered the better one, as it will easily staple 25 pages, and most of my print jobs are 20 pages plus. It staples with such ease - when it says "one finger" operation, it means it. Wow, I'm am so impressed. It actually stapled very handily 37 pages. I'm thinking of perhaps purchasing the larger one. I believe it does up to 60 pages. Well worth the money for the ease of operation. Ya gotta get one today
Review from
July 18, 2018
Worst stapler ever
Extremely bad stapler. I waste more time digging out staples and re-stapling the pages, than actually sorting the pages. The staples do not go in flat. Always one end does not make it through the pages. I ended up purchasing a small inexpensive office depot brand stapler and it works everytime. This PaperPro one finger however, was a waste of money.
DAVID Review from
May 20, 2020
Pretty good stapler
We used this stapler to make disposable facemasks for the United Way, about 350. Worked ok, but was finicky with the brand of standard staples being used. Swingline brand was ok. Bostitch brand didn't work consistently well.....jammed. For the price I would not recommend this particular stapler.
R2olderNdirt Review from
July 17, 2018
best stapler I have ever owned
Love the easy one finger operation, hand grip able and no jams. I bought similar one several years ago and have never had a problem. This time I bought two and gifted one to a close friend. I highly recommend this product. I bought the lesser expensive model years ago and it required more pressure to staple. Be sure to buy this model.
AraD Review from
April 9, 2017
Good Concept But...
The style, design, and the concept of an effortless stapler is great; unfortunately, this stapler misses several beats. I decorate bulletins boards and need a stapler that provides with with a continuous flow of staples without interruption. This is not the one. I constantly had to open stapler shaft to get it stapling again. The price was great but I think I needed to spend a little more money for a better quality.
Lynette Review from
February 19, 2015
Paper Pro Prodigy Power stapler
This is a Great stapler! It really does attach twenty five sheets of paper with just one finger touch. The stapler is a little loud when you use it, but it does a great job. One of my co-workers is an older lady, she does not have a lot of strength in her hands and would bruise easily when having to use force with other staplers, and not always able to get through very many papers at all. She can use this stapler without any problem, seriously just one finger to push the stapler, it powers through the paper and it works! She loves it!
laruetradingco Review from
Office Depot
December 4, 2018
beautiful stapler!
Love this beautiful stapler! Works seamlessly and is such a pretty color. Makes the perfect "staple" to any computer or office desk. Such a cool design this is, and the staples work wonderfully inside of the stapler. Use it to staple just about anything and everything imaginable.
Review from
March 27, 2019
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Good: Easy. light touch action Bad: Very picky about accepting only a continuous line of staples. Don't try to get by putting in 2 disconnected pieces. Ugly: For unknown reasons, periodically the staples crumple at one end and you find you have been "stapling" pages which are not connected because one end did not go through and fold on the back of the stack.
S. Review from
December 31, 2020
When I worked I always purchased/used Bostitch office supplies. This one I bough
When I worked I always purchased/used Bostitch office supplies. This one I bought for personal use and it works just as well as the office items I used on the job.
ksingleton Review from
March 22, 2022
Great stapler!
I bought this one to replace a recently broken stapler. Ive never bought this brand, but it works great. It never gets jammed.
lawoffices Review from
January 24, 2022
Love this stapler!
This is a great stapler. Very easy to use and stapling papers together takes no effort at all from me. Love this!
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