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Hartmann - 333602 - Dignity Underpads

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"Dignity Underpads, 23"" x 36"""
More Information
Manufacturer Hartmann
Categories Chair Pad, Incontinence Bed Pad, Underpad, Incontinence
Code 333602
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
44 Review
SANDRA G. Review from
December 17, 2021
Crazy, but dedicated.
I have an elder "hospice" for dogs, cats, goats, and we provide care for cows and horses when the local animal control is unable to house. We will take most anything that needs us. We also find ourselves "dead broke" most often. lol The special guest we use the pads for is not a guest, but my own dog, Peso. He had been badly abused during his early life. He was dumped outside a shelter when he was about three. On a regular visit I walked in the door and found these two terrified little eyes and there was an immediate bond. Its been seven years ago and he is fading for a couple of months, but I
spykdheel Review from
October 28, 2021
Ultra heavy absorbency, extra large size and low price make these underpads a gr
I have been using these pads for several years and am very satisfied with their quality. I work long hours and have senior dogs, I put these pads down for them to use when I am away. Their extra large size and ultra heavy absorbency live up to the name. When I get home I just throw them away. I was looking for large pads specifically marketed for dogs, but couldn't find any that compared to these. I highly recommend them to dog owners who are looking for larger pads. They are an incredible value, too.
IRA A. Review from
August 31, 2021
The ultra underpads are good
The ultra underpads are good size wise 36x36 not near as thick as cardinal health underpads with the teal backing. The cardinal underpads were placed on recliner while Ira slept in chair. The next morning the pad would be wet But the chair was Not. I ordered 2 boxes of McKesson ultra I will use them but I probably will not order any more. Depend makes a underpads that has 11 in pack that much more absorbant. Than the McKesson ultra.The depend underpads Do Not slide around on recliner seat.
otterfreakangelfund Review from
March 15, 2021
As brands go, this seems to be the best.
As brands go, this seems to be the best. It does not mean they are the best, as we still get about 5-10% leakage and accident clean up from using them but we use these instead of puppy pads for our 4 cats. One has an "accident" problem right outside of the litter box. The material that absorbs the wetness sometimes shifts and there are bare spots and dependant upon where the puddle goes makes up for if there are leakage problems. For the price, they are the best buy and quality we have found. If using for a bladder issues, I imagine the issue would likely be the same issue.
MAURICE L. Review from
August 2, 2021
First time experience. Awe have
First time experience. Awe have a pet poodle that is almost blind and deaf, has kidney failure so we needed something for protection in her dog bed. They serve well to keep her bed dry. The size is just perfect and when covered with a large towel it is completely satisfying to her. We use about 4 of the pads daily; therefore, cost is a consideration. The quality of the pads appear to be excellent and the product is cost effective.
LadySLBenz84 Review from
October 14, 2021
Not Just For Humans
I breed Shih Tzu and these ultra McKesson pads are better then any pet pee pads out there. I use this 30x36 size and place it on top of a flat trunk liner just slightly larger to protect my hardwood floors. Ill also place them on my bed under my sheet when my own puppies are ready to sleep on my bed at night in case of potty accidents. These pads are super absorbing. Ive tried other brands and sizes and the ultra work best for me.
CANDIE W. Review from
October 14, 2021
I love the product. It's
I love the product. It's a great value when bought by the case. Rarely any leakage. Yet to have a soaked floor. We use our for six month old Emotional Support Buddy. More of a best friend then a animal and your product has seen us through four fabulous months. Thank you. Puppy and Mom!
ANNE C. Review from
November 13, 2021
These are my favorite underpads.
These are my favorite underpads. I chose the larger size, which gives me confidence in protecting furniture. My Mom uses a thick tailbone cushion for sitting and this pad is ample to place over her cushion and tuck under nicely all the way around. This pad is not skimpy with the amount of material used, giving more protection.
KSIND Review from
August 8, 2020
A durable bed pad for home use
These bed pads are working great for us. The ones provided by the nursing home when my wife came back home were about 2/3 this size. Leakage from her brief usually isn't an issue but we use a pad just in case. These are much larger than others and that works well for positioning her in the middle of the pad. With rolling around to change briefs stress is put on the bed pad. Others don't handle this well at all so 1-2 nights. With these pads we usually get 3 nights and once in a while 4 nights. While a bit more expensive on a per each basis their durability off sets the cost so actually spendin
lycan_45 Review from
August 18, 2020
The bigger the better when it comes to saving the rugs.
Bought these for my older dogs, but with a new grandbaby they just might have a dual purpose here. Babies get wet all the way thru some nights. Although my son and his wife split the 24/7 watching the little one, you never know. Works well on the changing table. Wish I had known about them sooner. If needed I can always use them when I varnish the stair case. They're great. Oldie but Goodie dogs say, "what a relief." Thank you. Lynn
Virginia Review from
February 19, 2021
Pads are GREAT. People should not use a box cutter or anything sharp to open box. Because the pads get cut, then they blame the company. Pads are large size 30by36 not full bed size. The company never said pads are full bed size. I guess people read things into things. I use these pads everyday for myself and LOVE them.
JO H. Review from
October 5, 2021
McKesson Pads
I ordered the first time and received my order 2 days later. Wow! That is awesome service. I went thru customer svc and was really impressed with her friendly manner. I set up auto ship on the pads. I use these pads for my 2 dogs potty room. They are terrific and handles that situation really good. I am a happy customer!
SatisfiedSally Review from
April 8, 2020
It works
Not heavy, heavy duty but still a great product, and will stay on my always list for shopping! Saves laundry and gives added protection when needed.. For EXTRA ,Extra protection (don't slip), I place a heavy plastic liner on TOP of my sheet (larger than pad but not large as matress so there's no overhang on side) place large (fluffy if available) towel on top of plastic, THEN place your underpad on top of towel. I learned this trick from a former Nurse (my Mom!) when I was home recuperating from an illness.. Throw away pad, wash towel (if needed) and plastic should have protected bedding and b
MARYANN P. Review from
June 19, 2021
Favorable Company
Its a great product. Ive been using for many years for my dachshund who is 14 years old. I just recently saw your company and thought I would give you a shot, and I am happy that I did. Your company was easy to deal with and I received the product the very next, and your prices were very competitive. Thank you as long as all stays the same I will be using your company.
delyse43 Review from
August 27, 2021
Best Pad on the market! Protect everything they are placed on!
The quality of these pads is superior to anything Ive ever used as a nurse. When I read the title chux I envision the thin useless pads we used years ago in hospitals. This is not a chux! These pads are thick and extremely absorbent and sturdy. .
TABITHA C. Review from
November 11, 2021
Im very satisfied with this
Im very satisfied with this product. I would recommend it to friend and family. Its so convenient to order online and have it delivered. Protection is good keep everything dry. I use it for my bed and chair to keep them clean and dry. I have a weak bladder so its perfect. Thanks
rosemilk21 Review from
November 2, 2021
First Try
This is my first experience with disposable bed type pads. I purposely got the Ultra thinking they would do the job. They are much lighter weight than I had hoped. These are needed not for a bed, but a chair situation. Perhaps not fair to rate them as not good quality .
Margaret H. Review from
December 3, 2021
These pads have been working
These pads have been working out very well. They are made well and absorb accidents very well. I am caring for my mother who is 97 and requires constant care. Besides placing pads on the bed I also place two on the floor by the commode Carewell is wonderful and the products are just what I need
HAROLD W. Review from
November 4, 2021
Large and do the job
Genuinely nice and so large. They are worth every penny. I have used others before, and some are so thin you can nearly see through them. These are thick and cover the entire middle section of a twin bed. Dad likes them too, not as many sheet changes.
shys12echo Review from
July 25, 2018
Not as good as usual. Filling is spotty and they are difficult to open this time
We have been ordering these for months. Normally the shake open from their folded position with ease. This shipment has not been s easy and the cotton (?) stuffing is polka-dotted. It's not as clean, smooth inner lining as usual. The folded areas do not shake open easily or smoothly, Lining cover sticks to each other making opening them difficult, especially since I only have use of one hand due to a stroke. I'be been having to pull them apart. I don't know if they changed material that is used as a wicking fabric to keep fluids away from the skin that should prevent sitting in a wet pad. Am d
Patti H. Review from
March 12, 2021
Work well to absorb fluid
These work well to prevent stains on bed linens. I place two under the fitted sheet where the person I care for sleeps, and one on top of the fitted sheet to absorb the fluid that weeps from his legs. The plastic underlining of the underpad prevents fluids from seeping through, and the cotton top is comfortable for him, while still absorbing the fluid.
MELISSA P. Review from
December 8, 2021
These are the most absorbent
These are the most absorbent pads I have found. I use them for my disabled cat who cannot go in a cat box. I have used several different pet & human underpads and these are the best by far. Received order quickly. Very pleased!
flash37377 Review from
March 25, 2021
Cost effective and works
Works well. Pads absorb well and are large enough to be effective. Only complaint is I place the pad under the sheet because the plastic backing does not breath and it gets hot. plus there is nothing on the back to keep it in place even with it under the fitted sheet. Note to R
marlou406_11 Review from
February 25, 2020
Fabulous store !!
Thank you for your product that I purchased from you ! The product was here very quickly!! Your store and your words really alot for me as I'm old school. So you are very true with your words and great products!!! I will most definitely be buying From you again n again !! I would give you 100 stars if I could but they only have 5 stars .. But in my book . You are 100 stars !! I will be telling friends and strangers if they are in that dept at a store !! Thank you again for doing business the great way !! My best . Mary lou
CANDELARIA J. Review from
September 30, 2021
Have never had such a
Have never had such a great underwear for night time use. I even use them during the day. The quality of this product is excellent. I highly recommend this if you have a lot of different needs in this area of your life.
SUSAN D. Review from
December 23, 2021
Excellent company! I am so
Excellent company! I am so happy with the underpass for my husband and the pads for his bed. I do have a question about the time - love the automatic delivery, but, if possible, I need to stretch the time out a little.
SHARLENE B. Review from
October 18, 2021
Dry & Happy
These underpass are amazing. I have tried other brands from other places these are superior to others. The protection, the cost and construction are unbeatable. Thats why I have them on auto ship!
rwsm_26 Review from
December 4, 2019
Not so ultra heavy
I bought these pads to use for an incontinent adult. The size is ideal but these pads are not as "ultra heavy" as expected. However, they do the job if several are used together. Since they are so thin, they move around on the bed and I have to put heavy towels on top of the pads to keep them in place. This way, my mattress is protected. It really helps that you get a hundred in the box. I will order again but will be looking around for a thicker product so that I can use 1 or 2 per night instead of 4 or 5.
Jennifer E. Review from
June 15, 2020
I get peace of mind when it protects so well.
Very soft and very absorbent. I love the size so I can move in bed a bit. They are a durable product and wonderful. They give me peace of mind that I will not get my bedding wet each night. Anytime I wet one I replace it, but if I have a good night with out wetting the pad I can use again the next night.
goshay2004 Review from
April 21, 2020
Best buy on Puppy pads!
Very thick, great for my aging dogs who can't get up and down the steps easily anymore. They absorb everything so completely that there is not even the lingering smell the thinner pads often don't contain. I find these at a price that is less than most of the thinner pads as well. With daily changing, no one even knows my beautiful companions don't go outside anymore!
Beth M. Review from
December 31, 2021
Great product. Used for senior
Great product. Used for senior dog. Unfortunately, he passed away just before Christmas so had to cancel auto shop. Highly recommend for people with pups who need a pad to wet.
Debra W. Review from
December 28, 2021
Love the Ultra underpads
These pads really serve the purpose. Keeps the Moisture down. The box the arrive is recyclable. And there is no need for a scent. Thanks as always.
LESLIE Review from
May 13, 2021
I use these pads for my elderly dog. They're great as her pee doesn't spread out like most other doggy piddle pads. She's a small dog and can use one three or four times before it needs to be discarded. I repeat buy these over and over and over again.
ROMA A. Review from
December 16, 2021
Received my order fastloved the
Received my order fastloved the sz but wasnt as thick as Id hoped for BUT for what I needed them for actually worked out just fine. If for use with the loved one, they are thin For use as puppy pads, theyre great..thats what I used them for. Love the big sz Yes, I will purchase again
prgrannis Review from
May 24, 2021
These don't leak
Better than the green/blue ones which leak if not immediately attended to. These work for my invalid father and my dogs and cats so it covers everyone. Won't buy the cheaper ones anymore. Just not worth it.
Patg Review from
October 25, 2021
Very absorbent
I actually purchased these as pee pads for my 2 chihuahuas. They are a perfect size and very thick and absorbent. I can imagine they would be very comfortable used as underpass as they are very soft and plush.
Maryrose F. Review from
May 25, 2020
McKesson Underpads, Ultra
Have purchased these many times and have always loved them. This batch seems very thin. The padding is sparse and in some areas so thin That the liquid pools on the plastic because there isnt enough padding to adorn properly. Again, I think this is just a faulty batch.
LAURA K. Review from
October 27, 2021
Good pads
If you want disposable pads, these are much better than the blue ones I had purchased before. The blue ones tore at every little tug. These will also tear, but they take a lot more than the others.
TCGranny Review from
June 24, 2020
Good Product and Cost Effective
I was very happy to find these larger sizes pads. I was given a smaller size by a friend to use in my bed while recovering from surgery. I had to use two, sometimes three pads, but now with these pads I only need to use one pad. Also these pads have absorbed spills better. I'm glad I found this product.
Becky C. Review from
September 11, 2021
Good product
Serves our purpose to catch small leaks. Have not tried on big spills. Can sleep on for multiple nights even when filling separates. Backing is still leakproof.
Deb Review from
June 25, 2020
The quality is comparable to the ones I got before. And there are more of them. I love the price. I do feel protected. There is minimal leakage. It depends on how much I overdo at night. For the most part though they are excellent. I would recommend this item with pleasure
onyourowntime Review from
August 9, 2016
Leaves others in the shadows
We live in an apartment and have 2 dogs that are paper trained. One of them is 5 lbs and the other is 50 lbs. The dogs have their own room but have the run of the house (1800 sq ft). Two of these pads laid side by side in their room will last for about 24 hours. When we first paper trained them we bought what we thought at the time was heavy absorbency pads (blue backing). They were so horrible and would spill over making a real mess every time the larger dog would use them. We thought we were going to have to abandon paper training, UNTIL we tried these. These really are heavy absorbency (pea
robfo_5586 Review from
April 8, 2020
"It is clean and safe for a those who need the product for their health care nee
I feel that the product is wonderful. It helps my family to care for those who cannot care for themselves. We use this for a family member that is bed bound. The product has great quality and it provides the need protection we need during these tough times. It is clean and sanitary.
rali821alice Review from
March 9, 2021
They do the job!
Although meant for human use, my diabetic cat tends to make a mess of the litter box. I began to line a plastic bin with chucks, placing the litter box inside. It works very well to contain the mess. Unconventional, but just as useful.