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Hartmann - 36080 - Reusable Waterproof Sheeting Twin

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3608036" X 80"Box of 18
3608036" x 80"Each
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"Reusable Waterproof Sheeting Twin 36"" x 80"""
More Information
Manufacturer Hartmann
Categories Bed Aids, Waterproof Mattress Protector, Incontinence Bed Pad, Mattress Protector, Reusable Underpad
Code 36080
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
40 Review
Review from
February 26, 2021
Slips freely, but is absorbent and does not leak
Yet another case where the customer reviews fooled me. Review fraud is widespread with online retailers to the point that reviews tend not to be reliable anymore. A lot of people sell reviews, or trade them in exchange for free goodies, so many reviews, notably the positive ones, can no longer be trusted. This is an honest review by a regular customer. My complaint about the other reviews is that nearly everyone stated that this pad does not slip. Nonsense; it slips so well that, were I still an 8 year old child, I would sneak it out of the house to use in sliding down hills etc. In other word
Brian Review from
March 28, 2021
Works for dogs too!
These work great for absorbing pee from people and dogs. I like to put these on the couch, the floor, under the food dish, and on the dogs bed (if needed, use a fitted crib sheet to keep it secure and in place) so that way I dont have to wash the bed each time and can just toss in this bed pad. I was surprised how easy stains came put too. Even the bright colored food (pured orange carrot, green bean, etc) didnt stain this. I imagine it would be great to use during the monthly cycle for teens and women to add extra leak protect for the sheets. All-around a wonderful product thats affordable.
LitLDebbie Review from
May 7, 2020
Great, effective, protectve Underpad or Overpad
These r great. They are placed on top of your loved ones bed sheet. Using them reduced the need for daily washing of linens and remaking the bed daily even though I wash this underpad daily. That's why I bought more than one. It's the size of twin bed. It's soft and comfortable. The protective plastic lining is thick. I recommend it if u r challenged by caring for a child or adult bed wetter. I wish they came in full, queen and king sizes. The price for this size is good also.
Candace Review from
November 18, 2020
Does the job I paid for it to do.
Listen, without going into any detail about why I purchased this I am just going to say that it absolutely 100% gets the job done! perfect quality. I've probably washed it at least 15 times and it has held up perfectly! the cotton inside isn't balled up at all and it covers a very large area. Mine has accumulated some stains that haven't been the best at getting out so it's not something I'm just going to keep on display but I am so glad I bought this! Probably one of my single greatest investments to be honest. Great for piece of mind when you go to purchase a new mattress and throw your old
pixiemyst Review from
June 20, 2017
I Use For My Dogs Pee Pads
This pad is excellent to use for a dog pee pad! I have a Maltese & a toy Poodle & they can pee all day on this & it would still hold tons more pee. It washes & dries very good and it's heavy duty. NO LEAKS AT ALL! Works perfect for two small dogs to pee all day with no problem. I LOVE this pad, I bought four of them so far. I used to go through a stack of disposable pads a day with messy leaks all the time and constant mopping. Not with this heavy duty pad, it holds more than my dogs can put out and it never leaks. The only down side is having to wash & dry it instead of just pulling a clean o
Marie Review from
July 16, 2020
Good buy
These work. Mom sometimes refuses to go to the bathroom, and she has overflow from her Depends. I always have one of these on the sofa where mom sits to watch tv. They save the sofa. They launder well and easily. I started with two pads but now have four. The packaging is not overdone. So many products that I get have an unnecessary amount of packaging, and WAY too much plastic.
TERI Review from
July 16, 2021
Im happy to have these!
There is nothing that I dislike about these pads. Im sorry that I need them, but Im so grateful that I have them. I put them down on my recliner before I sit on it, and it has even saved me from when Im clumsy and have spilled my drink on myself! And it had red food coloring in the drink! Thanks for these Walmart theyre a real good value!
carolshea Review from
May 12, 2020
I would buy this again
The size works well; the quality and absorbency are excellent . My only reservation being the backing is somewhat slippery when placed over a sheet so it tends to slide a bit when moving about at night. It washes and dries well (electric dryer) and I haven't experienced the usual shrinkage at the outer seams that usually results in curling. I recommend this product.
Debra Review from
April 30, 2020
are use these washable PP pads for my puppy. They dont seem to tear these up and drag them all over the house! And theyre washable so I save some money there. This particular set have been washed maybe 30 times and they Still are like new. The plastic coating on the bottom that makes it waterproof is very thick and good quality
Debbie Review from
December 24, 2020
Nice size rubber like backing bed mat
This is very well made and washes up nicely. Size is great and helps for when person needs moved up on the bed. I ordered two- while one would be in laundry the spare comes in handy. Would recommend- Also the nice plastic backing helps prevent leakage as well as makes sliding a person up on the bed a little easier.
DeAnna Review from
June 30, 2021
Waterproof but bunches up in the dryer.
Ive ordered close to a dozen of these over the last few years for my handicapped son. They are waterproof and washable, but when I dry them in the dryer they bunch up. Just FYI that they should be air dried.
dandybo Review from
February 27, 2015
great pads
These are the best underpads we have found and at a great price, too. They stay in place, absorb well, and wash and dry very well. Just a little TIP here for everyone: Since these pads shouldn't be bleached, I add a little bit of ammonia to the washer when it's filling with water, and use WHITE VINEGAR in the Downy ball instead of fabric softener. The vinegar cuts the suds so you get a better rinse, and it removes the smell. (If you have a problem with static in the dryer, use dryer balls. )This is a good, inexpensive protocol for washing anything with urine in it. These pads stay smelling nic
Chicagosue Review from
February 10, 2014
My dog was just diagnosed with diabetes, and one symptom is unpredictable excessive urination. Until we get this under control we have to put waterproof protective pads in several locations, including our bed. THESE WORK! I put the larger ones on on the floor, too--wherever she might lie down. We have laundered them several times so far and they have kept their shape and quality. We wash warm (up to 86 degrees F), tumble dry low, no bleach, no softener. (Label on product.) Some people complain about a "plastic" smell, well, I believe that the most important thing is being waterproof!!!!!!!!! I
Andrea Review from
July 27, 2020
Doing my good deed
I'm in a nursing home facility and I share a room with 2 other elderly women who need special care. When the CNAS change their diapers and washable pads, sometimes those pads and up missing. So I got them their own personal bed pads and their families have been so happy that I did this for them.
Kathy Review from
June 8, 2020
I have a small pug who cant always go outside, so I have purchased several of these pads. The pad works very good. - only complaint: wish it would never have to be cleaned or changed! I have used them for many years and I have one that is leaking, sure hope these stinky smell.
Brenda Review from
September 16, 2020
Nice pads
These pads are great. They work well and wash up nicely. I use several on my daughters bed daily to keep the sheet/mattress protected when she has accidents. They hold the liquid well and keep it from leaking through.
Gretchen Z. Review from
September 13, 2019
This product is remarkable!! It became unavailable in the store that I shop, so I will continue to purchase it online!! Because of my severe incontinence, I can now rest assured that my bed linens will remain dry!! Also, while visiting family, the pads will bring complete relief!! I am so grateful that your absorbent bed pads are available to me!! Thank you!!
Laurette Review from
July 3, 2020
Great value
We have an arthritic old cat who sometimes has accidents. I bought two of these and tucked them under a sofa blanket and our bedding and they are saving our furniture. These pads are well made and sturdy. They should hold up well.
SAMUEL Review from
August 12, 2020
Reusable, washable under pads
I love these under pads. They are exactly what I was looking for. The right amount of thickness, easy to clean and great price for their quality. I will be ordering more. Thank you, Katherine M.
Barbara R. Review from
May 4, 2020
Extra length is very useful
I bought this for the extra length--it's the longest one I could find. I am struggling with an incontinent cat. The water-proofing backing looks like it may become damaged in the dryer, but haven't washed it yet.
MARIA Review from
July 21, 2021
Saving time
As a caregiver, this pad helps in that I don't have to wash bed linen daily or the lift chair seat. I move it to wherever my patient is and it is very useful. In fact, I have two, so in case of an accident, I have a back up.
Rebekah A. Review from
December 10, 2016
Great pads!!
Been using the small ones the 30x34 . I have no problems with the smaller ones. I love them. Bought 2. I use them under my older father in his chair just in case of any spills and other things. They would work for children like in the crib as we called them burp pads or car under the car seat. I also bought the bigger one 36x72 but have not used the big one yet. It would be great for a twin bed.
NeiceeB Review from
February 13, 2015
2 years and counting!
I was looking for a really great absorbent waterproof underpad for a king bed. This one is it! Purchased in 2013 and back to buy a 2nd one. Not because the first purchase is worn, it's holding up wonderfully. I want a spare to put on while the other is in the washer! Washes and dries (on low heat) excellently. This here is a WINNER! Thanks for all the replies from 2011-2012 that encouraged me to make this purchase. WINNER!
Okc Review from
April 17, 2020
Good Mat.
Very good. Kept all fluids inside and didnt run. Kinda stinks that the backside is a slick material so it does get rolled up when my son moves but other than that it Works perfectly fine. I went ahead and ordered another.
Scandie Review from
January 7, 2019
I got this to use after childbirth. Ive always had heavy periods but after giving birth, theyre even worse. Since I dont want to wash sheets everyday, I just sleep with this under my bum and it catches everything. Im sure some people reading this will be grossed out because periods make people uncomfortable, but it does what it needs to do and it saves my mattress and my sanity
Kristy Review from
March 18, 2021
Worth the money beats getting disposable ones
Bought 2 one for the bed and one for recliner easy to wash and best to let air dry. Didnt move around a lot like plastic disposable ones.
Robin B B Review from
August 15, 2017
Absorbent bed pad works very well
I have a special needs child who is almost a teen-ager, and we have had this pad for a few years now. It has held up well, wash after wash. We put it under his sheet, and whenever he has an accident at night, this pad has always absorbed all of it (even now that he is bigger and his accidents are bigger.). We only have to take the sheet and this pad off and wash them, as it does a good job of protecting the mattress pad underneath.
Oklahomamema Review from
February 3, 2013
I am highly satisfied with this purchase. My favorite quality is ... it is "quiet". Some plastic like bed protector products makes crackling/crunching like sounds when getting in and out of bed... even just changing positions. This one silent... and soft. I place mine under the sheets so you don't see it. I think it is great for guest beds. You don't want to embarrass your guests or kids... so being under the sheet my grand kids never know. They usually don't wet the bed but if they do ... I only need to wash the sheet and this pad ... and my expensive mattress is protected. I highly recommend
MomsMom Review from
July 24, 2016
Absorbs well, less laundry
This product is a definite improvement over disposable chucks. Less harm to the environment and less laundry as well. Pad does slip around if the user is restless. I used some tape to hold the 30X34 in place. Purchased additional large size pads which I can tuck under the twin mattress Mom sleeps on.
Noreen Review from
December 1, 2020
Great for potty training
I purchased this for my toddler as she is on potty training.She peed ones at night and good thing I got this. Its absorbent! Highly recommend for Moms who has a toddler on potty training.
Gammamissa98 Review from
November 27, 2011
Amazing product
I was first exposed to this product while a patient in a physical rehab center after a long hospitalization. I knew then how absorbent they were, so when I finally came home I knew I wanted some to use here. My family picked them up for me and I have been using them daily for over 7 months and they are still as absorbent and look every bit as good as they did when first used. They are washed at least 2-3 times a week and have held up great. Definately recommend for anyone dealing with incontinent problems as well as those with "leaky" dogs. We used them for our old dog when she was on her way
Clover Review from
April 24, 2016
Great product
I thought this was an excellent product. The backing on the pad will certainly prevent any moisture from leaking through. The only comment I have is that I placed this across a queen size bed. Unfortunately it was not long enough to tuck under on both sides so I just tucked it in on the one side to keep it secure. It looks like it will certainly do the trick!
Phyllis Review from
January 18, 2022
Good quality and washable.
Good quality material. Washable so I'm able to reuse. Stays in shape and thickness hasn't changed.
Bech Review from
August 9, 2017
Because I was having severe muscle spasms, it is sometimes difficult for me to get myself into a sitting position to get out of bed. I was concerned I wouldn't make it out of bed to make it into the bathroom "in time"... I hated the thought of ruining my mattress so this absorbent pad removed that anxiety. I also like that it's washable and doesn't need to contribute to filling the landfill with more plastic.
DogMommy03 Review from
March 30, 2016
washable underpad is great
i bought 3 to use for one of my dogs. She is losing her eyesight and is fearful of going outside when it's dark or rainy outside. She decided her potty spot would be in my breezeway near the door leading to the garage. I had been using disposable pads for dogs but wanted to find something washable so I didn't need to keep buying and disposing of the number of pads a 55-lb. dogs uses. Very happy so far and in the end these pads will cost me less.
meskarune Review from
January 26, 2014
Use these for my dog
I use these pads for my small dog instead of disposable puppy pads. She has used them every day and they are very absorbent and don't leak at all. They also do not smell after being used. I wash these at least once a week, and they are holding up great, and in fact look like new even with constant use. They always come out of the wash stain free and smell free, and I don't do any special laundry treatments. I would highly recommend these for both the price and usability.
2tired4it Review from
January 27, 2019
I have been buying reusable bed pads for my pets recently that have some health issues. I have found that this product has been one of the best for absorbancy and have bought extras to have on hand. The only thing I wish is that that backing was not as slick so it would stay in place better on the dog beds but other than that I would highly recommend this product.
nbuch4242 Review from
February 1, 2013
Works well and glad I bought them.
I have been using this product for about three weeks. I bought two with the idea that when I changed sheets I would change pads. They work well. Wash up very well and then I hang the pads to dry on a shower bar. With two I have always got one in reserve. The pads reach all of my expectations and I am really glad I ordered them. At this point I do not have anything negative to say about them. The backing is very sturdy and the pads should last a long time but only time will tell. No matter what, they are cheaper than disposables.
livewiremeyer Review from
July 8, 2014
Great ProductWash & Reuse
Love these!!! Wish I had discovered this product before spending hundreds on socalled waterproof mattress covers and disposable bed pads. Use 2 on a queensize bed so they overlap and usually only have to launder one side and they stay put all night. Hang to dry or use very low dryer setting. Will be ordering more in future in smaller sizes for quick cover to protect new furniture from pets and grandkids.
lexky Review from
November 2, 2019
These work perfectly for my 94 yr old mom. Bought three for the rotation. They wash great and the quality is as well. Just ordered more for my new puppy's crate rather than use those disposable puppy pads and for when she's lying on my bed.