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  •    How to tell her? Apr 06, 2019

    Land03 says:

    Ok so I'm 15, but I still wear diapers for bedwetting; what's even worse is that I still have a babysitter because my parents dont trust me to be by myself. Anyways, at night, when my babysitter is here she'll help me change out of a wet diaper; but she teases me in a light friendly way. How can I let her know that I dont like that, without being rude.

  •    Defining Nocturia Fact Sheet Mar 28, 2019

    incon1982 says:

    This is a new two-page PDF fact sheet that provides the nitty gritty on just what is nocturia, how it is different than bedwetting, is this something to talk to your doctor about, and what are things that can cause it and also get it under control. Nocturia is serious because of the impact on poor sleep quality and what that does to you when you are trying to stay awake during the daytime! And...

  •    Is this babyish? Mar 21, 2019

    Land03 says:

    Hello, as I've explained on my first post, I wear diapers to maintain my bedwetting; Specifically Rearz safari nighttime breifs. My parents get these only because they're cheaper that the normal control breifs. I just want to know others opinions, on if this is babyish or not. I hate looking babyish, and I just need to know. If so, reccomend me some better diapers please.

  •    Is this normal? Mar 17, 2019

    Land03 says:

    Is soiling your pants at night also a result of bedwetting? It's only happened to me a few times, but it scares and annoys me at the same time.

  •    OT: Sleep Study? Feb 21, 2019

    Momto2Almost87 says:

    When do you know if a child needs a sleep study? My 11 year old is a sleepwalker and has been for years. We take safety measures (locks on the doors, no objects laying around, etc.) but he still does it pretty frequently. We typically just guide him back to bed and then he doesnt get up again. If he wakes up he starts shaking and gets scared and doesnt know where he is.From what Ive heard/read...

  •    Urinary incontinence—-help! Feb 05, 2019

    lynkay94 says:

    My nine-year-old boy struggles with bedwetting and the occasional daytime accident. Weve worked on pelvic floor exercises and being prepared for when an accident does occur. When he was five The doctor recommended having a surgery done to help him. Initially we saw some improvement but still the occasional accident. Any advice on to how to minimize occurrences and help him deal with daytime...

  •    10 year old wetting the bed again... pull ups? Jan 13, 2019

    Sara8 says:

    So my 10 year old son was dry around 8 and was now only having the odd nighttime accident (3-4 times a year). He has daytime accidents but his bedwetting was more or less sorted. For the last week he has had an accident ever single night. His sheets are drenched in thr morning and it has been difficult to get him ready for school. He is upset by this and is clearly tiered. If it contnues I will...

  •    Bedwetting Dec 28, 2018

    Outside_333 says:

    I'm a teenager and have been bedwetting since I was a baby but it makes me feel left out because I can't go on school holidays and sleep overs like the other kids. Do you have any suggestions on how to controller it?

  •    New Facebook Support Group for Parents of Children and Teenagers Who Wet The Bed Oct 10, 2018

    JamesParkin says:

    I have just created a new Facebook support group for the parents of children and teenagers who wet the bed. It is called Bedwetting in Children and Teens, and is designed to offer a safe, friendly and supportive environment for parents to discuss their child's bedwetting and offer and receive tips and advice. I already run two similar groups for soiling and daytime wetting, which many parents...

  •    Future alarm technology workshop Oct 05, 2018

    ERIC-Charity says:

    Join an interactive family workshop and help develop exciting new bedwetting alarm technology with researchers from the University of Central Lancashire. Contact if you would like to sign up or get more details.

  •    I am losing hope. Oct 01, 2018

    Slice says:

    I have written about 4 posts on here and I am starting to loose hope. I am still bedwetting. Disimpactation didnt work for me I am still consitpated and am now starting to soil 2-3 times a day. In terms of peeing - I am now getting these sudden urges to pee at any moment often these are so sudden that I dont make it to the toilet in time and end up having an accident. If anyone has any advice or...

  •    Bedwetting Aug 27, 2018

    MiHe says:

    My 21 year old fraternal twins boy never stopped bedwetting nightly. This has been going on 21 years straight. Is there a solution? They never have overnight company because of embarrassing situation. Help my grandsons.Thanks

  •    Disimpactation at a teen - please help. Aug 21, 2018

    fedupmum says:

    Hi everyone, This may be long so apologies.I have recently posted on here about me wetting the bed as a teenager (I am 15). I am trying to find out why I do it and what might be causing it as I have been bedwetting for a long time now and nothing has changed. I went back to doctors 2 days ago and they thought that I might be constipated and this is why I am bedwetting - so they felt my stomach and...

  •    Needing HelpI Aug 06, 2018

    Diaperboy says:

    I was put back in diapers by my doctor 3 years ago for bedwetting & now I am totally incontinent. I had a caregiver for about a year-but she is now retired. Due to mental illness & deppression-I need assistance with basic ADL's: diaper changes, meals, & housekeeping. I'm in the process of getting help through community resources. My insurance supplies my diapers & I have...

  •    Update Jul 17, 2018

    Ofkfnf says:

    Just thought I would do an update following my post three days ago about bedwetting as a teenager. This may be long apologies. I went to the doctors today and they felt my stomach and said that it was very hard, I am consitpated badly - worse than I though considering I have been going maybe twice a week, everyday 3 days or so. They said that this could be one of the reasons why I have been...

  •    I think he has a weak bladder Jun 16, 2018

    Poppymum says:

    Hi I'm new here my 12 year old son is bedwetting what should I do

  •    Any specialists in Northern Ireland on daytime wetting? May 14, 2018

    orla12 says:

    Hi, I would like some advice please - does anyone know any paediatricians in Northern Ireland who specialise in children daytime wetting and bedwetting ? My son is 9 but I cannot find any doctors or specialists who know about this problem near us ?

  •    Call for Patient Spokespeople for World Bedwetting Day May 01, 2018

    ERIC-Charity says:

    Could you help us on World Bedwetting Day? World Bedwetting Day takes place on the 29th of May and aims to raise awareness among the public and healthcare professionals that bedwetting is a common medical condition that can and should be treated. We are supporting the awareness event and are looking to find patients who are willing to share their experience of bedwetting with the media. Real life...

  •    Bedwetting in Children Apr 11, 2018

    incon1982 says:

    A huge worry for parents is a child that is bedwetting. We worry that this will continue for years, that the child could be bullied if "the word gets out," that your child won't be able to be a part of activities, etc. And because we love our children, we want to do everything we can for them to fix this problem!! NOW.This recent article by a pediatric nephrologist is loaded with...

  •    Bedwetting checklist tool Apr 05, 2018

    ERIC-Charity says:

    This website has a brilliant, user-friendly checklist tool to use before speaking to your child's doctor or nurse about bedwetting: And don't forget treatment is available from the age of 5!

  •    Alarm sensor that goes inside pull up - does such a thing exhist? Mar 10, 2018

    Laundry says:

    I bought a bedwetting alarm off amazon and it clips to pjs. The problem is its going off with sweat and its hard to get it unclipped. I was wondering if another sensor might be the answer but I dont know where to find one. Ideally Id like one that could go in a pull up to avoid the endless washing. Any advice/recommendations?

  •    Bedwetting & anxiety advice! Mar 09, 2018

    LisaEntwistleEvans says:

    Hello all, new here and would be so grateful for advice. I have 3 sons, very close in age (only 3.5 years between first to third, the early years are all a blur!) My oldest (13)and youngest (9) sons are v alike, always happy and laid back, but my middle son (11) is super sensitive and often angsty (does middle child syndrome genuinely exist??) Middle son is the only one who has ever had bedwetting...

  •    Bedwetting alarms for Nocturnal enuresis Jan 26, 2018

    JessGirl says:

    I have a 7 and a 6 year old, both are still wet at night. We have not had a single dry night and sometimes are changing bedding 2/3 times each.We have been under the paediatrician and changed diets, limited times of fluids, now on Movicol to see if bowels are making a difference. We have also been told to try bedwetting alarms. Has anyone got any advice? Feels like its just us at the moment....

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