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Bladder Training

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  •    Botox for bladder Mar 19, 2019

    Purple3 says:

    My 7 year old daughter has overactive bladder and her bladder is small for her age. We have spent the past few years jumping through all the hoops that the incointence team and doctors have thrown at us. We have been on oxybutyn, desomelts, toltotradien bladder training and tens machine. Nothing has given us any major relief from constant wetting accidents and leakage through the day with the...

  •    Fellow runners Mar 06, 2019

    Jules1339 says:

    FTM and pre-pregnancy I was really getting into running... working on lowering my mile times and trying higher mileage races. Since becoming pregnant Ive decided to keep running for as long as I can until delivery because I enjoy it and figure staying active and in shape may make labor/delivery and post partum easier. Im 20 weeks now and Im just wondering what other pregnant runners are doing in...

  •    Bladder training help! Feb 25, 2019

    Hjmilward says:

    My 8 year old son was diagnosed with overactive bladder last year. He has frequent daytime wetting and has never had a dry night, needs bed pants changing during the night or else we have wet beds. He reacted to medication so we've been told to try bladder training to try and improve the daytime wetting but given next to no advice on what to do. I've just been told to try and stretch out...

  •    Running/Workout help Feb 12, 2019

    sarahdot613 says:

    Hi Ladies!Im looking for some recommendations on the best support bands/belts for those that run/workout. I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and up to this point my workout leggings have been able to support my bump (still fairly small but getting bigger each day), however they are getting a little uncomfortable and I am looking for more support for my growing bump as I am just starting to feel increased...

  •    Late warning Feb 04, 2019

    mithical says:

    Ok, not having much luck with answers, so let's try a different question.Has anyone had experience of the following? My son says he realises he needs to pass urine, but sometimes the message is received too late, and he is already wet.Any idea what we can do? Is this related to bladder training?Thanks.

  •    Befit Mom- Advice please :) Dec 16, 2018

    AshleyZ0708 says:

    Hello! I am a 9 weeks postpartum first time mom. Prior to pregnancy I was 57 and 140 lbs. I was a dedicated exerciser and did 2-3 days per week of lifting sessions and 2-3 runs a week. Running has always been a passion of mine. The furthest Ive gone is a half marathon, but most of my runs were 2-5 miles at a time. I even ran through 25 weeks of pregnancy and did a 10k at 22 weeks. Lifting was...

  •    Overactive bladder treatment for children Nov 28, 2018

    Charlie5angel says:

    Hi I have just joined this group and hoping to hear others thoughts on Botox treatment for overactive bladder. My daughter is 7 years old and her bladder is smaller than normal too. We have been under the incointence clinic for a few years now and been through all the bladder training, alarm watches and many different medications. The latest involved the visual dinamics testing where the put a...

  •    Toilet training my toddler Sep 30, 2018

    Humblebee says:

    My toddler is 2 years and 3 months and I started toilet training him. Today is the 3rd day and Im super confused. 1st day he had accidents all day and didnt pee on the toilet once. I was putting him on every 20 min and he would either pee right before I put him on or after I took him off.2nd day 1 accident and he held his pee obviously not liking the feeling when he wets himself and was on the...

  •    My recent surgery & update on MSK HAI pump (long) Jun 27, 2018

    VeggieLvr says:

    Hi everyone, I wanted to give an overview of my recent surgery at MSK, which included installation of the HAI pump. This will be a long post, but I want to give as much information as possible. Ive broken it into sections to hopefully make it easier to read. My surgery was for both liver resection and HAI pump installation. Implanting the HAI pump also involves removing the gall bladder. I was in...

  •    crossing fingers Jun 05, 2018

    HannahM20 says:

    I didnt risk losing my new job. I had an orientation today for it and decided to hold back to talk to management and explain up front about being pregnant since just going through an hour long orientation took a lot of work for me to hold my bladder. I let them know I want to work and am determined to stay in work I just want some reasonable accomadations as far as bathroom breaks and making sure...

  •    Any runner mamas out there?! Apr 13, 2018

    magaudet30 says:

    Im at FTM, now 17 weeks 4 days. Prior to pregnancy, I would consider myself to be a moderate runner. When not training for a race, I would typically run 3-5 miles at least 3x a week and would try to get a longer run in here and there. Ive cut my mileage down during pregnancy to about 2-3 miles per run, about 3 times a week along with Orangetheory twice a week. Starting last week and this week, Ive...

  •    Night training & bedtime excuses Apr 09, 2018

    BabyR524 says:

    We are about 10 days into day and night training our nearly 3 yr old using the Oh Crap method. Day training is going really well and up till the last few days, nap and night training were too. Now every time its naptime or bedtime, our very smart toddler all of a sudden has the need to pee every 5-30 mins. Sometimes it seems like he isnt emptying his bladder fully and other times it is a blatant...

  •    My recent Dx and story Mar 31, 2018

    VinceInMT says:

    I am 65 years old, very healthy and active. I run about 25/week, swim 2 miles/week, and do some light lifting. I have mild hypertension that is treated.At the end of January during my annual exam, a DRE indicated a change. I had blood work and 2 days later I met with a PA in urology. My PSA was 4.47. I was offered an MRI or a biopsy. I took latter and that was done the same day. I was told they...

  •    Baby kicks/punches Mar 07, 2018

    gontermom says:

    Anybody elses baby kick and punch in little jabs, like theyre using your belly as a punching bag and training to be a pro boxer? Mine likes to be unnecessarily rough with my bladder. I almost wish I could put her in time out already, lol.

  •    Pelvic floor therapy Feb 15, 2018

    AMilentis says:

    Ive been having some issues since delivery with pain and bladder control. Nothing that is super severe, but since this is my first baby i followed up with my ob to make sure everything was healing correctly and that this was normal. He sent me to physical therapy that specializes in pelvic floor training.I scheduled an appointment with the therapist and I left feeling a little upset and I wanted...

  •    I don't want to have any more BCG. Jan 02, 2018

    Suziekettles says:

    I hope someone sees this who can comment or give me some advice, perhaps you've found yourself in a similar position I was diagnosed Ta Grade 3 with CIS 15 months ago. After 2 TURBTs I started BCG a year ago. I had my 11th dose 3 months ago (never had 12th because of haematuria) I have a flexi cystoscopy later this month with the CNS & am scheduled to have 3 more doses of BCG in April....

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