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Pelvic floor excercises

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  •    Pelvic floor excercises Jan 30, 2019

    amipbhogal says:

    Hi Ladies,When can you start pelvic floor excercises during my pregnancy? My doctor told me not to excercise for now, im in my 6th week. Its bugging me because I am generally quite an active person.Appreciate your advice.Cheers

  •    Pelvic floor therapy-the advice I got Sep 23, 2018

    NoeliaNoelia says:

    In case there are moms here who cant go to a pelvic floor therapist for whatever reason but think you might need one (probably most of us do need a bit of help), I thought I would share what mine has said so far:1. Do not force pee, like in the evening when you are going to bed, or whenever, do not try to force empty your blatter. Try to only pee what body lets out and then try to not go again for...

  •    Wasnt cleared for excercise:( Sep 03, 2018

    NoeliaNoelia says:

    So basically due to my complications at delivery my doctor said my pelvic floor is still too weak for any high impact excercise and she recommended I see a pelvic floor therapist. I have booked time with one but I was dying to get started again. I will still do pelvic floor strengthening excercises, walk and crosstrainer and upperbody weights. But I wanted to ask this amazing group if anyone had...

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