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Urge incontinence

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  •    New here Mar 26, 2019

    jessicano2 says:

    Hi all just joined this group. 28 male living and trying to cope with urge incontinence. Some great topics on this forum so thanks for that. I have recently started a blog about my incontinence with tips and advice so feel free to give it a look

  •    Problems after treatment Jan 14, 2019

    Lindalou19 says:

    Hiya my name is Linda and I am 9 months post radiotherapy after a hysterectomy and chemo for ovarian and separate uterine cancer. I have had CBT counselling but this doesn't work for me. I have urge incontinence as well and need advice apart from pelvic floor exercises and medication. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.

  •    Incontinence Question Dec 03, 2018

    dsamuel1 says:

    I am 4 weeks out from my RP and have been experiencing incontinence, which is not at all surprising. I realize that I have to be patient, give things time to heal, keep doing Kegels, etc. I am not experiencing much stress incontinence or urge incontinence which is mostly what I've read about. However I seem to have more of a persistent leakage/dribble. Have others experienced this and if so,...

  •    Visit to Incontinence Clinic Nov 25, 2018

    PMRpro says:

    This went well. I have tried two medications to control the urge incontinence but they increase my dry mouth to the extent of not being able to speak for long. There is one final med to try before a visit to urology. I showed the nurse my urine test from rheumy which showed high protein and creatinine but added œonly to be expected. There do seem to be signs my kidneys are playing up. Here...

  •    Postpartum bladder issue Nov 22, 2018

    Hls7001 says:

    Hi mamas! My little one will be 4 weeks on Saturday (he came a week early). I had a vaginal birth.. 20 hours of labor, epidural, no tearing. I JUST realized today that I have not felt the urge to pee since delivery. I pee often just because I know Im drinking TONS ( breastfeeding makes me SOO thirsty). Not having any incontinence issues, but definitely do not feel my bladder feeling full at...

  •    Pooped on myself while driving... worried plz help Sep 29, 2018

    ftm9241 says:

    I know this sounds disturbing. I was driving home from eating out and had a sudden urge to poop. It was so sudden with no warning. No matter how much I tightened my butt muscles, everything started leaking out while I was sitting there driving. It was a nightmare. It was diarrhea... and a lot of it.I got home and when I wiped I noticed that some of it went onto my vagina. I wiped off as much as I...

  •    Five months out, ED and incontinence seem to be getting worse. Sep 25, 2018

    VinceInMT says:

    I have not been on here lately except to give few words of support and reassurance to some people who had a similar outcome. I am 5 month post surgery and am a little surprised that my incontince and ED have gotten worse. Has anybody else experienced that? I had mild incontinence that had been getting better and acceptable (but hoped for better) erectile function with the help of Viagra but the...

  •    Urinary incontinence Jul 19, 2018

    Saipan Paradise says:

    I am 3 months post ralp. Since having the catheter removed, I have had stress incontinence. My bigger issue is that I have no idea when I need to pee. I have no sensation until I feel that Im dribbling. I do kegels regularly. I have set my alarm to remind me to go to the bathroom every hour, I stopped coffee, and I limit my water unless Im going to be home all day. This is becoming debilitating, I...

  •    New Member Here; Post Op, Clean Margins Jun 15, 2018

    Bryan88 says:

    Hi Everyone!My name is Bryan. I am 52 years old and I am a new member here. Ive been reading the site since my original diagnosis pathology earlier this year, and I am 3 weeks beyond my lathroscopic prostectomy. My gleason was a 3-4 Grade 2 with 35% involvement.I will not bore you with the details of how I got to this point, but I will say I am blessed in many areas including the persistence...

  •    Post Pregnancy Incontinence Apr 12, 2018

    incon1982 says:

    It's really sad how many women go through their first pregnancy and have never heard about SUI and the possibility that after going through labor that they are going to have a hard time not dripping or experiencing some urge and stress incontinence. And after months of not getting help, they may eventually find a healthcare professional that will diagnosis the problem and help the young...

  •    enlarged bladder Apr 09, 2018

    Damp says:

    I had a prostatectomy and diverticulotomy one year ago, and still am experiencing incontinence issues.  I mentioned to my urologist that I can go hours without feeling the sensation that I need to pee.  When the urge does present itself, it is sudden and I can have a complete flooding.  Also, I can sometimes void and not know it is happening.  My urologist indicated that I have a very...

  •    Another urodynamic test Apr 05, 2018

    Damp says:

    One year after my prostatectomy/diverticulotomy it was suggested I have another urodynamic study.  I mentioned that I can still go long periods of time without the sensation that I need to pee.  Before the study, I urinated over 700ml. into their beaker after losing a little previous to that.  I wear a diaper which was a little wet before the test.  As my bladder was filled, my first...

  •    Young and terrified Mar 12, 2018

    Molmol7805 says:

    Hi lovely ladies, My name is Molly and I'm 21 years old. I'm not sure whether posting her is a good idea as I don't want to offend anybody or upset anybody as I haven't been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I am extremely worried and concerned about my symptoms and as I don't want to sit and Google I thought posting where people understand and have been through...

  •    **WARNING** This discussion of my journey is way out of the Box. Don't get... Mar 07, 2018

    Sonny3 says:

    First and foremost, MY journey and approach to living with Pca is mine and mine alone. I do not intend to suggest or try to persuade anyone on how they should approach their own battle and journey with Pca.I will be 70 in August of this year; I was diagnosed with Pca in June of 2009, with a PSA of 6.4 as a Gleason 7 (3+4), I was just short of my 61st birthday. I found this forum in August of 2009...

  •    Bladder Problems Feb 15, 2018

    Beauport says:

    Does anyone suffer from urinary incontinence that won't go away, isn't responsive to antibiotics and MAY be yet another effect of cirrhosis? I had weeks of "urge incontinence" before I gave up alcohol and before I was diagnosed with cirrhosis (about a year ago). It cleared up then but now it's back - with a vengeance! Any advice from fellow sufferers would be much...

  •    Transperineal / Target / Template Biopsy After-Effects Feb 01, 2018

    Bollinge says:

    I am 62 and never felt so well, until last November I read the results of a routine blood test and found a raised PSA reading of 16.7. The one and only other time it was checked was back in 2010, when it was 2.2, thanks to a bloody useless GP. I had a Multi-Parametric MRI 2 weeks later in November 2017. I saw the Urologist the next day. He did a DRE and found œan abnormality and a 15mm...

  •    post-prostatectomy incontinence and ED Jan 08, 2018

    mkamel says:

    I had a radical prostatectomy in April 2016 performed by Dr. Jean Joseph at Univ. Of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital. I was very fortunate that this very skilled and expert surgeon was able to spare my nerves so I am not impotent but still have some degree of ED. I have a pump which I rarely use. I was on Cialis but it was too expensive. I now take Sildenafil (viagra) 10 mg a day. This is...

  •    Bladder Retraining Jan 04, 2018

    incon1982 says:

    For some reason, bladder retraining is not often discussed with patients. So here is a bit of information about what it is. I encourage comments from any of you have tried it. Bladder retraining is a potential tool for helping with an overactive bladder. It doesn't work for everyone, but can be very helpful for others. You need to make sure with your physician that this is something you can...

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