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Cardinal - 635- - Covidien Simplicity™ Incontinence Liner

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FSA Eligible
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  • Liners are designed with a slim silhouette that is undetectable under regular clothing
  • Stay dry facing encourages a healthier skin environment and double adhesive strip on the moisture proof backing holds liner securely in place
  • Liners are available in four sizes and three absorbency levels
  • Available with super absorbent polymer for improved dryness and skin protection
  • Reusable cotton pants have elastic waist and leg bands for improved comfort and fit and a snap open front panel for easy pad changes
More Information
Manufacturer Cardinal
Categories Adult Briefs, Incontinence Pads, Undergarments, Underpad, Incontinence
Code 635-
Sold By BG/1
Product Size 17 Inch Length
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
30 Review
CHARLES C. Review from
December 27, 2021
Depend - Mens Shields
As a full time caregiverliving in a small northern Idaho town, Carewell is a life saver! Especially when the global elites are doing their best to disrupt normal life among us common folks . Depend Men Shields Light is a fine product but they are made in Communist Chinaa country ( along with our traitorous politicians ) decimated the United States of Americas manufacturing middle class & set upon the world a virus developed in Chinas Wuhan Laboratory with the consent & assistance of Saint Faucis taxpayer grant money. I guess my point isI will continue to support Carewell to acquire incontinenc
steve Review from
March 8, 2020
Walmart has the the best priceing.
The guards work very well, but what I like best and works the best is the "X-TOP" product and I wish that Depends would make something similar to this. Specifically designed for the male anatomy, X-top for Men provides 360 degrees of discreet leakproof protection, giving you all-day peace of mind from wetness and odor. Take back control of doing the things you love with X-top for men. An innovative product for men affected by incontinence. X-top for men comes in 3 levels so you can find the best coverage for any activity day or night. Level 2 provides moderate protection. Hypoallergenic: Pouch
Richard Review from
October 28, 2021
Perfect For My Needs - With One Exception
Best product that I have tried. Fits well and stays in place even in my fitness shorts. The absorency is fine for me since I only need to control against minor dripping due to prostate surgery. Only problem is that on three seperate occaisions the pad stuck to my underware such that when I tried to remove it the pad seperated and left the adhesive section stuck to my underware and I could not remove it. Called the customer service number and was given instructions on how I could possibly remove the stuck plastic and because of my troubles was awarded compensation for m the customer service rep
TimmyK Review from
June 30, 2021
I love these Pads
After my radical prostatecomy I needed both underwear and pads. I use these pads everyday. They have allowed me to go to the gym, ride my bike, and play drums at my church. No one Knows I'm wearing them and they have made my life less stressful. Every month I get better bladder control but these pads have given me a sense of security that I won't mess up my underwear. They are large enough to cover the entire area. Thank you Depends for making my life enjoyable again.
Charles Review from
October 26, 2021
No more urine smell
During a long days working or traveling, I would experience urine smells coming from my crotch area. It was really embarrassing. I would spray ample amounts of colonge to try to cover the smell. Dripping in my underwear after urination was a big problem for me. The depend pads absorbs the drops and absorbs the urine smell as well. I am so happy with this product. My confidence is back. Thanks Depends!
Bluetop39 Review from
September 29, 2021
Not reliable
The real problem is that they are allowing leakage. Possible due to change of this product or shape. Noticed sides are curved the way they used to be. Not talking about large but actually small drizzle that leak on the sides. I am 160lb and average size is what I get. Very disappointed because I have used this product 5 times now anf just started this problem Very aggravated.
Anonymous Review from
March 5, 2021
Great for my job daytime
Depend for men on any ages, young men to older men. I worn my age 28 at first time. Pads help me prevent my bladder leakage and dribble for unwanted accidents again. Last week(s) is hard to holding my bladder hurt before my job over travel to home feeling like hurry to bathroom. Good deals for my bladder dribble as young adult have issues. I like that product help me a bladder.
JBS Review from
May 14, 2020
The Depends Guards Work Great with Depends Briefs.
These Guards work well in my underwear when I'm not very active, but on days I have to go to work, I only strip off the top part of the adhesive strip from the "Guard" and put it inside the Depends Briefs which will provide extra protection. This way if the pad gets soaked, I can swap it out with a fresh pad. The padded Briefs will catch the overflow from the Guard, helping to prevent my pants from getting wet and avoid an embarrassing situation. If you try this, be sure to take off only the top part of the adhesive strip from the Guard which is enough to hold it in place in the Depends Brief,
Lucy Review from
August 13, 2021
Product is good. Specifically for men. However, I have never ordered from Walmart before and now I know why! The packages were not in any kind of box! NO BOX! Just package as they sit on Walmart shelf! No discreet at all! The picture of my delivery showed van dashboard and our house front! No where was a package visible! Will never order again! Period!
Bally Review from
March 31, 2021
Im so happy I tried this product!
I have had the drips and dribbles issue as long as I can remember. Now at 55, and as Im in the road for my job, washrooms can be difficult to find exaggerating the issue. Needless to say I never wear anything but dark pants. Im so comfortable, and feel so much more confident not having to hide dark spots on my crotch area. Thanks for the great product!
Hillhurst49 Review from
January 4, 2020
Finally a personal hygiene product for men
This product is the nicest thing that has come along for men's hygiene. I have always leaked a bit, even as a young man. The stains on my tighty-whiteys were always embarrassing. I would have worn these pads as a young person. As a senior, I sometimes drip a few drops before I can get to the toilet. Having worn them for a while, they are now an essential part of my life. They are reasonably priced. They even fit pouched underwear which is another innovation for men long overdue. I am also noticing a side-benefit of moisture absorption in my crotch. The pad picks up any moisture, even on relati
Frankm Review from
May 20, 2016
100% incontinent-works well with a few issues
I have 100% incontinence 6 years after prostate surgery. I use the underwear for exercise only. For 5 years I used the Maximum female pad which worked extremely well and stayed in place due to its more "firm" build. Due to a recent size change to the pad I was using, I switched to the guards. I find the size perfect and they are pretty comfortable. There are a couple of things that could be improved for people like myself with complete incontinence. First a firmer pad. One that holds its shape better. I dont mind changing the pad as often as necessary due to leakage, but I don't like changing
Carla Review from
April 29, 2021
A great buy, but wait there's more......
My dad is 93 and uses these often. My friend was carung for her grandfather a few years back and although her wore diapers she put his boxers on over them. I tell her from time to time how nice that was. He didn't mind wearing them after that. Just that small thing gave him dignity and boosted his masculinity
Lisa Review from
November 3, 2020
Works well for light leaks
These work well for occasional light leaks, as is common after surgery. Very useful to manage stress incontinence, such as with sneezes, coughs, or brief physical exertion. Easy to use and dispose. They take a little trial and error to determine best positioning, but they stay in place well. They work best with tighter underwear and will not work with boxers.
Chris85 Review from
December 29, 2015
Okay for minor bladder contractions but not for complete accidents
I am Chris and have been plagued with bladder problems all my life. I have worn diapers at night all my life and protection of some sort during the day to school as a kid and now to work. I do have a few pairs of tighty whiteys for when I am near a bathroom. I did try wearing these pads inside my underwear. Once on a long drive when I could not find a place to urinate I let a little out to relieve the pain and it held the first small amount I let out. Minutes later the pain came back feeling like my eyes were about to pop through my eyeglasses and I again let a bit more out. Finally I got to a
MomReview Review from
July 27, 2020
For kids too
Hey moms, these are great for older kids with nighttime bed wetting issues. Many kids would never wear a diaper or anything like that but a guard sounds so manly and cool. And why are they so cheap for so many when my ladies menstrual pads are way more expensive. Just saying. Good deal, doesnt leak and like I said, manly and cool for kids too. A guard for dreamtime... sounds so adventurous!
Vegasberry Review from
January 13, 2016
Real Attention to Comments
I talked to a Depend rep at the 800 number today, who sounded like he was 18 years old. He was a nice enough, but didn't seem to have much of an idea about what it's actually like to have to use any of these products. He would often repeat what I considered to be "corporate platitudes" about them. I had a prostatectomy in March 2015, used the full pants for a while and then graduated to the Guards product. Generally, the Guards work OK, but I think two design changes would be VERY beneficial. First, the Guards need to be stiffened so that they hold their width better. A light plastic mesh loca
Btaylor Review from
January 27, 2019
To small
Product is comfortable and does its job for dribbles. I have always seemed to have problems with placement. Not all men are created equal, not everyday is it the same size, and it doesn't always go into your underwear the same. We walk we move, stand and sit, kneel and jump. This product covers about 1/4 of the front of your underwear and about 1/2 the area it needs to protect, I feel like this product needs to be just smaller than the width of the crotch areas in underwear and 2 to 3 times as wide in the wetting region. This will acommidate more men and not force us to have place our business
Review from
May 29, 2014
Not perfect, but the best I've found if I do my part..
This review is for: Depend Guards for Men Convenience Pack Maximum Absorbency, 52-Count I started using Depend For Men Guards 18+ years ago, shortly after radical prostatectomy surgery for very aggressive prostate cancer. That was 1996 and I was 52 years old at the time. Mine was a classic case of the cancer being removed but the patient leaking; and I've continued to leak since. While I've tried virtually all available brands of absorption pads in the past, I find that Depend Guards work the best for my circumstances. For that reason I've stuck with these guards through all of their various c
Maxer4 Review from
May 18, 2017
Now more flexable is an improvement
I have been incontinent since my prostate was removed 2 years ago. A good day is only going through 3 guards, usually it is 4 to 5 guards. To be honest with you I use the TENA brand because they are shaped like a V and are not as long as the Depends Guards. I think you could make an improvement by not having your guards so long which makes them go back into my groin area and cause irritation. What I just started doing with this new "now more flexible" guards is folding the bottom 3" over so the two sticky sides touch and this is much more comfortable. I also wish you would widen the top portio
LMVC Review from
February 25, 2015
Very Good but not Quite as Good as Real Fit Briefs
I need the pads due to incontinence caused by surgery for prostate cancer. The pads are very absorbent and do a good job of catching and holding leakage. I like them because I can wear them with regular underwear. If you use these pads, I would not recommend using them with loose-fitting underwear. Instead, use a close-fitting underwear with good elasticity. I use Under Armour boxer jock briefs, which are skin-tight shorts that stretch to fit. They hold the pad securely in place. I'm not necessarily recommending that you use Under Armour briefs. Instead, I'm recommending that you use briefs of
HappyKidHappyMom Review from
December 8, 2016
My son really likes these!
I requested a sample for my 10 year old son who has kidney disease. When he was 3 his bladder was augmented and he got a mitrofanoff (small stoma on his lower abdomen that stays continent and he caths through that). He is not able to empty his bladder through his penis but he has bladder spasm that causes him to leak from his penis and mitrofanoff. Obviously this isn't a problem for a lot of boys/men and we struggled to find a product that would work for a child that wasn't a diaper or pull up. We had been using female products, usually wrapped in pink and covered in flowers, to tape one over
BobQ Review from
May 9, 2020
Great, but now a problem with adhesive
Ive been using shields for several years with much success. My current box of shields however is giving me a problem. The adhesive is near impossible to remove from my underwear! I have ruined a couple of pairs of briefs trying to scrape the adhesive from them. The lower part of the shield leaves residue (paper) stuck to my briefs. Help!
Denny73 Review from
March 17, 2016
Feel more protected using an athletic supporter with Guards for Men
I recently had a prostatectomy and have been using the Depend Guards for Men for 3 1/2 months. Rather then just using them in my briefs I decided to use an athletic supporter and have found that provides more protection from leakage. I then use my briefs over the supporter. It puts the Guards next to my body, which helps with any excessive leakage, and is especially helpful when I go to bed at night. I have noticed that the additional pressure, the supporter provides, gives just enough pressure, to help maintain bladder control. I continue to do Kegel excercises which is necessary for improvin
Scubaskier Review from
February 15, 2019
Does what's advertised
The product protects for light incontinence issues, which works well when not exercising or standing around a long time, due to surgically induced stress incontinence. I have to agree with other comments that it's width is a bit limiting, since men's parts can wander a bit when we move. Hence, if I have an issue, my boxer briefs, which hold the Shield in place well, gets damp, in which case I must disappear into a bathroom to change. The small size is easy enough to dispose, but easier wrapping offered better disposal permitting the user to more easily wrap up used product into the plastic cov
Iceguy441 Review from
September 6, 2017
Finally Something for Us Guys That Leak
After radical Prostate surgery 10 yr. ago, and getting tired of damp underwear I found Shields a couple of years ago. I had tried feminine shields but they were just too tiny. Everything is different down there between us and the fairer sex. The one suggestion I would make that would improve the product is if they were shaped like the old jock cup we wore as a catcher. The shape of 3M dust masks would be great. They have been wonderful until recently when I must have gotten a bad batch. (batch code BJ700906X336 N20) Everyone in the box is separating during the day and the inner liner is coming
Dave Review from
August 26, 2021
The product is fine but when delivered it was NOT in a discreet bag and led to embarrassment when handed off to spouse. Please take this point into consideration when bagging this type of product. Additionally, leaving it on my porch in a less than discreet bag is unacceptable.
cat953loader Review from
May 18, 2017
Falling Apart and Out !
I have used Depend Guards for many years . I like the product works well for small leakage . I now have a problem with your new Now More Flexible product. The problem is I don't see any more comfort in this pad vs the older better pad. The new pad rolls down at the top breaks open and drops padding on the floor . How embarrassing is that . I am a very active adult your new product is letting me down . I would advise you wear this product all day in the heat and do some hard labor . The one thing I think would make a better pad is go back to the old pad and make it wider to protect from fallout
Smokey1 Review from
April 18, 2017
Depend shields are good but could be much better.
Having worn Depend products, all three, for almost five years I greatly appreciate the freedom they provide men. As a prostate cancer survivor I can attest to their effectiveness. However, Shields, the product I primarily use now could be improved. The problem is with the adhesive strip. While it does a great job of adhering, it doesn't cover the entire back surface of the product. During a days wear the sides with no adhesive will roll inward and permit undershorts to contact the absorbent part of the pad getting wet. Sometimes I don't have an extra shield with me and that can be a problem. I
Felicity Review from
May 14, 2020
The hubs approves
My husband has occasional bouts of urgency/frequency, and these pads work well and give him peace of mind. I had bought him a lesser-absorbency pad first, and these for maximum surge are much better for the occasional too-urgent incident. I chuckled when I saw the "Add photos" button below. Let's all make a pact never to do that for this product. ;-)