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Kendall-Covidien - From: P2336MVP To: P3036MVP - Wings Quilted Moisture Vapor Permeable Underpad

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P2336MVP - P3036MVP
FSA Eligible
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P2336MVP23" x 36"Each
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Wings Quilted Moisture Vapor Permeable Underpad, 23" X 36". combine super absorbency with moisture vapor transfer technology to keep patients dry and comfortable. Featuring "honeycomb technology," super-absorbent polymer is encapsulated in every cell for improved fluid management resulting in drier skin, improved skin wellness, and increased patient comfort. The Moisture Vapor Permeable backsheet channels moisture vapor away from the patient while keeping fluid from passing through to the bed sheet.,Wings Quilted Moisture Vapor Permeable Underpad, 30" X 36". combine super absorbency with moisture vapor transfer technology to keep patients dry and comfortable. Featuring "honeycomb technology," super-absorbent polymer is encapsulated in every cell for improved fluid management resulting in drier skin, improved skin wellness, and increased patient comfort. The Moisture Vapor Permeable backsheet channels moisture vapor away from the patient while keeping fluid from passing through to the bed sheet.
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Manufacturer Kendall-Covidien
Categories Chair Pad, Incontinence Bed Pad, Underpad, Incontinence
Code P2336MVP - P3036MVP
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
49 Review
CHRISTINE P. Review from
January 7, 2022
Best ever!
My mom was admitted to the hospital on 10/24/21 with a UTI. She was released hours later to come home. The male nurse gave us two of these pads for home. I had just bought a new car in July. Used one pad incase of an accident in the car. Fortunately not needed. I used the pad the next day and was amazed at the durability and nothing leaked through. If mom had not of gone to the hospital we never would have never found this under pad. I immediately went online and found them on your site. Love love love these. The size, and durability and the price you offer is fantastic. It is a pleasure doing
JENNIFER G. Review from
October 30, 2021
These are the exact same
These are the exact same pads used in the hospital my husband had after recent surgery. We purchased another brand but he said they werent soft and they stuck to his skin. So we kept searching and found these and are SO glad we did. This is a simple thing but such an incredibly important quality of life product. These are soft, wide, absorbent and take care of what we need. You wont be disappointed with this purchase.
J M. Review from
March 15, 2021
Cardinal wings pads
I have used only one pad so far, but it seems to have done its job. It was not a 'serious' event, so not a complete 'test'. If the next one works as well, I will be very pleased and this could then be a 4 star review. It did seem to stop the moisture from getting onto the upholstered chair, so that is great. The prior pads, even when doubled and covered with a towel, did not stop the moisture from going through the pad, so was not a good chair protector.
JULIANNE J. Review from
October 21, 2021
This product has become a
This product has become a necessity around my home. It is used everywhere to protect bed and furniture from leaks and just the right size to allow me to slip under a patient during a change. The quality and strength is outstanding so I can use it with confidence. Worth every penny. (Also good for unsteady patients while feeding.)
DOROTHESIA B. Review from
December 18, 2021
I Love Them!!! They Really
I Love Them!!! They Really Are Strong When I Have To Lift My Dad From The Bed To His Wheelchair. They Absolutely Are What I Needed To Keep Him From Wetting The Bed. And The Perfect Size. I Thank GOD For Cardinal Wings Quilted Underpads And Carewell The Caregivers Shop For Having Everything I Need To Take Care Of My Father!!!
Alina S. Review from
January 1, 2021
Cardinal Underpads are fantastic .
These pad are great because if they get a little wet the padding doesnt fall part beneath the top lining which then that thin lining breaks open & you end up with like cotton/filler on your buttock area then on your bed. Triple the amount of Pads. With Cardinal they are fantastic 1 pad if perfect for the overnight for continence . I love Cardinal pads I an so happy I tried them. DEFINITELY ORDER THEM FOR INCONTINENCE.
CAROLYN M. Review from
September 18, 2021
I truly can't afford these
I truly can't afford these but they are so much better for my son... I dont but lunch so I can afford them... super expensive. But the plastic blue ones make sweat and then here comes the skin breakdown.. He is 12 102. Pounds and 5 feet tall so we use these like a draw sheet. Really wish they were cheaper....
Charles C. Review from
June 25, 2021
Feel easy and convenient for
Feel easy and convenient for me to received the stock in the right time. I like the services very accomodatng problem resolve immediately.product quality is good and sizes fits well. And protective specially my patient has dementia she pee in the bed so no spill or no wet around patient body. Like the pull up pad and the under pad all perfect.
CAROLYN R. Review from
November 14, 2021
super fast delivery. product very
super fast delivery. product very easy to use and works great for my husband. he is about 70 LBS right now but medium is the size Hospice suggested and they seemed huge but it is a good fit. you don't want them to be tight or uncombortable. no leaks. perfect for him.
JANE S. Review from
April 26, 2021
Good but stiff
The Tranquility briefs hold a greater amount of urine than the others I tried, but the material used to make them is stiff. This makes them harder to pull up, especially in the back. I'm disabled so it's difficult to pull up new briefs, make sure they're snug in the crotch, with one hand and hold myself up with the other. I need three hands!
ERIN L. Review from
January 18, 2022
They work well for me.
They work well for me. I think they were a good product. Also thank you for being so prompt in getting my order back to me. I have a Cauda Equina syndrome and am totally incontinent with bowel and bladder. If have accident through night and pull ups /pad leaks they catch what might get through. Im very pleased with them
Myles M. Review from
January 13, 2022
Cardinal Wings underpads has great quality and protection
The underpads are able to fit a large person by laying them down on and the feel of the underpads is soft and comfy to lay someone down on. It protects the whole person from touching a public restroom floor since it is large, so I would recommend this product to anyone who is caring for a child or an elderly person! :)
JOHN D. Review from
April 11, 2021
Though the price was more
Though the price was more than other products we have purchased, I felt it was worth it. The quality of the bed pads was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. The quality and absorbancy was far superior to that of bed pads used in the hospital my wife was in.
NINA L. Review from
August 4, 2021
I love the quality of
I love the quality of these pads. They used them when I was in the hospital and was unable to turn over the bed. The pads also absorb a great amount of moisture. They also protect your skin from bed sores and work well on air mattresses.
Julie F. Review from
July 17, 2020
Hello, This product is awesome.The
Hello, This product is awesome.The size is just right and I like how it doesn't move around no matter how much I move . The protection is great,I don't have to worry about getting up all wet, with other products I did very soft too . The quality is really good quality no tearing or breakage when I lay down very great product. Thank you
Kelly Review from
May 10, 2019
great product
I had a 14 yo dog who passed away recently. Over the past 18 months he couldn't hold urine/stool over night or when I was at work. I tried other pads but they were not as good quality as these. These pads worked great. He was great a using them too. He was such a great dog and rarely had accidents or needed to use pads until last year. He liked the pads too :) He never was a destructive dog but he would shread another brand of pads that he clearly didn't like :) When I was getting low I could order as needed because I would get them in 2 days. Customer service has been great too.
Linda S. Review from
February 19, 2021
These are the best -
These are the best - they last longer and don't tear apart. We use them in the bed, on the wheelchair and in the car seat. Found out about them because they are used by UF Health hospitals in Gainesville, FL. If you want great under pads, these are the ones to get.
Ann A Review from
September 1, 2020
This product is far superior to the flimsy underpads sold in stores. It makes taking care of a bed bound person so much easier. The underpad doesnt bunch up, lays flat, and you can use it for turning, and repositioning. It is very absorbent. I cant recommend it enough.
LIDIA W. Review from
November 25, 2021
Great product. I bought some
Great product. I bought some from a different company and they are awful! No comparison. Your brand is what they use in the hospital my husband was in.
Evelyn B. Review from
February 12, 2021
Great product
The protection is awesome, the size fabulous and I will select these again because they protect the bed and the absorption is great. Delivery us always on point. Carewell is my go to for almost everything needed in support of my Mother's care.
JUDITH S. Review from
November 3, 2021
The best protection for wetness.
The best protection for wetness. Absorbs quickly and little odor. Different sizes available make them convenient for all ages. More expensive e but worth it,
Samantha E. Review from
June 20, 2020
Although they are a bit
Although they are a bit pricey, they offer more comfort than regular plastic under pads.. especially during the night.. no sweatiness, more durability, less mess, or more absorbance, and they seem to stay in place better. Plus these aren't offered anywhere else but online. I was glad I found them here.
Patricia P. Review from
September 26, 2021
Cardinal wings quilted premium pads
Decided to try a different pad for bedtime protection. This pad is lighter than what I have been using. For our needs, this lighter one will not do for us so will not reorder.
Denise G. Review from
January 29, 2020
High quality underpads
These underpads are worth the price. The hold up well to several days of use if not soiled. Strong enough to give average weight patient a boost in the bed when mobility is an issue. Highly absorbent as well. These are the same product used in many hospitals.
JOHN W. Review from
November 16, 2021
The hospital had similar underpads
The hospital had similar underpads but when I tried to order a similar product, I found that these ones are actually better than the hospitals. They absorb a lot of moisture so leaks stay contained.
MARY L. Review from
December 27, 2021
Great Product
Very strong, so much so that I can reposition my husband (6'4" and 200+ lbs) in the bed with this pad. The smooth texture and superior absorbancy makes this a good investment.
JOYCE D. Review from
November 12, 2021
So far so good
Excellent Product for the patient, strong enough for absorbentcy and moving patient for the caregiver and better for the skin as it is breathable (not plastic backed. Our patient does not complain of being hot all the time while lying in the bed.
Beverly G. Review from
March 12, 2021
awesome underpads!
The pads are wonderful!! I highly recommend them!! I also love how fast Carewell delivers them!! I'm so glad I discovered Carewell and its quality products!
GARY N. Review from
March 24, 2021
Got sick of the other
Got sick of the other brand so I started looking. Found these. They are a lot stronger and still absorbent. Great find.
Tyneisa T. Review from
March 24, 2019
These are great the best disposable bed pads I've tried I would recommend them for anyone who needs bed pads or taking care of someone that needs them! THESE ARE TOTALLY AWESOME HOSPITAL QUALITY!!! They are great holds moisture no leaking on the sides or anything you will love these for yourself,for patient or loved one in need no questions asked and this site is by far the best ever I love also how they are very attentive to customers they care about making sure you have what your looking for ,reach out to make sure your purchase is to your liking I I'm so grateful I found this site NO REGRET
Charlotte S. Review from
April 27, 2019
Covidien Wings Quilted Premium Comfort Underpads
These underpads are very absorbent. My husband who had a stroke needs a disposable underpad to minimize laundry challenges. We were however disappointed with the feel of the pads as the top layer is not particularly soft to the skin. They probably would be very useful for placement on upholstered chairs and wheelchairs.
Nancy M. Review from
December 12, 2021
Works extremely so glad you have them. I had to try quite a few before I found this brand. Makes my job so much easieram only changing a pad and bottom sheet..not the top sheet..great!
JASON S. Review from
December 8, 2021
Cardinal wings work
Works very well. Last longer than expected. Great product. It saves constantly changing sheets.
MYRA C. Review from
May 28, 2021
Finally a pad that is
Finally a pad that is both comfortable and absorbent. After trying several brands, we have finally found the PERFECT PROTECTION. Stop look no further.
Anne B. Review from
August 6, 2020
Stay in place. Top surface
Stay in place. Top surface comfortable, able to use more than one night when remains dry. When does become soiled, does not clump or bunch up. Large enough for even large voids.
SANDRA B. Review from
January 22, 2022
Great product - Fast delivery
Great quality. Soft feel. Absorbent. Very pleased with Carewell service. Shipping was super fast.
Sonja M. Review from
December 28, 2021
These disposable pads are awesome!
These disposable pads are awesome! They don't tear when I turn over in bed, and I don't worry about it leaking -- very good quality!!
Lucy M. Review from
June 25, 2020
Apparently I didn't purchase the
Apparently I didn't purchase the exact pads I had purchased previously. These pads are not as long nor wide as the prior purchase. I will have to pay closer attention to my next purchase.
MARIENNE B. Review from
November 1, 2021
These are perfect for me! They dont move too much & my cat isnt frightened of them as she is with plastic-backed pads! They also feel more natural.
JOAN M. Review from
September 12, 2021
Best pads ever. Super absorbent
Best pads ever. Super absorbent Tried others from the local stores and they do not compare.
Marcella W. Review from
February 7, 2020
Covidien Pads
Im very satisfied with this product. My 86 year old mother used these in her hospital stay. I feel truly blessed that these products are available to the public as well as the hospital. Thank you so very much!!
LUCY M. Review from
November 22, 2019
Does the job
Unfortunately, I need to order these for my husband's medical care. I discovered these in the hospital and they are so much stronger then the ones they sell in local drugstores. Nothing passes through them and they don't shred or tear. Just one more item to make my caregiver job a little easier.
Travis J. Review from
April 17, 2020
Bed Pad
I was so excited to see that you carried a high quality underpad. My son is a new C5 Tetraplegia and these have saved our lives overnight. No leaks and no wet mattress. Thank you.
Kelly J. Review from
January 5, 2019
Good product
I use the pads for my elderly dog. I tried another brand and they were not sturdy enough. This product works much better. The other product was not study and my dog would stread it. He doesnt shread this product. This product is better priced that the ones for dogs in pet store.
Suzanne S. Review from
September 14, 2020
This is the one
Ive tried every brand out there, and this is it. Strong enough to reposition my dad, and absorbent. Wicks away moisture, too. If it had odor control, itd be perfect.
CATHERINE J. Review from
November 14, 2021
We are using them ,
We are using them , but I actually found another product that is similar from Medco. My mom has skin that is thin and the Medco item was even more absorbent.
PATSY L. Review from
September 2, 2021
works but wish I had
works but wish I had got a ore heavy one to soak up better. I bought these for my dogs. They still work better than the ones in the stores.
Miriam B. Review from
February 21, 2021
The cost is good and
The cost is good and the protection is fantastic size is perfect. If I could of rated more than a 5 star I would of. I recommend this product 100 %.
TAMMY G. Review from
December 30, 2021
Muti purpose use - they are great!
I use these pads for my rabbit cage and they work great! Clean up is a breeze and fit the kennel perfectly!