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Kimberly Clark From: 35445 To: 35446 - Depend Adjustable Max Absorbency Underwear

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Kimberly Clark:
35445 - 35446
FSA Eligible
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35445Small/MediumCase of 54
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Undergarment, Maximum Absorbency, Adjustable, Small/ Medium, 18/pk, 3 pk/cs
More Information
Manufacturer Kimberly Clark
Categories Adult Briefs, Adult Diaper, Fecal Incontinence, Underwear, Incontinence
Code 35445 - 35446
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
19 Review
Billy2022 Review from
December 12, 2021
Its getting much harder to find Plastic Backed(or sometimes called poly)Diapers. There seems to be a trend of making incontinence products that mimic regular underwear.Thinner, Cloth-Like Covers, Pull-Ups instead of Tabs/Tape, etc. I understand not wanting others to know youre business and feeling self conscious about being incontinentthat being said, people in public really arent checking to see if youre wearing a diaper or not. I hate being unable to control my bladder and its quite devastating at times but theres nothing I can do to change it and personally I feel MUCH more secure with adeq
YoungOfficeMan Review from
September 20, 2020
Terrific Diaper for Traveling
I just turned 30 (male) so I'm a relatively young user, and recently the issue has been increasing from dribbles to full voids, and I had been previously using lighter Depend products for managing this moderate urinary incontinence, but I noticed I was beginning to experience minor leaks after a few hours. This coincided with a recent need to travel across the country for work, and for the added protection and due to the more stringent cleanliness requirements of the pandemic, my girlfriend suggested I try the Depend Protection with Tabs. I was skeptical and nervous because I wasn't sure how t
yaseino Review from
July 27, 2021
The Only Good Depends
Im a woman in her 20s with urinary incontinence; and I need something that can hold on me throughout my day and working environment. These are better than the average pull-up depends, and I personally prefer the plastic backing and adhesive tapes on these. They unfortunately dont hold that much, but their enough for my needs and thats what matters. I love how secure the tabs are, and how nice and snug these are around my waistline. Their a bit loud and bulky, but I dont mind this either. Its better to have a diaper that I can rely on rather than having a diaper thats really cheap, and not goin
Robert1982 Review from
August 18, 2021
Good quality protection
This is kinda like the original standard in heavy incontinence protection. The first time I needed to wear a diaper was when I was 14 (in 1996) and this is what my mom bought for me. I eventually stopped needing them and fast-forward to today when Im in my late 30s. My incontinence eventually returned and, while there are lots of more discreet pull-up style products now, they simply dont work for the heaviest of incontinence, particularly if its for both bladder and bowel. Luckily, Im still able to find this diaper at a local store, but they are not easy to find anymore. Its pretty exactly wha
NorthernGuy Review from
October 7, 2020
The best diaper ever made for adult!
I just love these diapers. I like them tight for concealment. The cloth-like backsheet rip or tabs easily rip off into my hand. Then I have to use packing tape!! The plastic backsheet stretches enough to "stay tight" around me & also staying up (not slowly falling done to my knees). Sure they have a crinkle. Somehow, this gives me a sense of security & confident. I just put a pair of undershorts then a pair of pants, then no noise. When I'm at home, I let the crinkle go one purposely, because of the comfy-security it gives me. I can wear one pair 24 hrs. I can use it some 4-6 times before I mu
GuyinDetroit62 Review from
December 5, 2020
Comfortable Protection
I wear adult diapers daily. This tab style Depends brief is a favorite of mine for two big reasons, Fit and Effectiveness. The three tapes give me a secure and comfortable fit. I also like fact that they are not too bulky. Some premium brands that I have worn were just too THICK, making them uncomfortable to wear all day long. The Depends brand fits unnoticeably under my clothes and the plastic backing making a crinkling sound has never been an issue. I generally forget that I am wearing my Depends once I head out the door. For my level of incontinence, these tab style briefs are very suitable
RockyMountains Review from
September 23, 2018
Thank you Depends for listening
Some time ago, when Depends changed from the plastic backed three tabbed product to a cloth like outer covering, I thought that the parent company must have lost their minds, as this was the one true product that provided sound enough protection for those of us with more than just minor loss of bladder control. It seemed that Depends no longer really cared about individuals who had been faithful purchasers of their product for decades and had given them the success to bring their product as the leading department store on-the-shelf product for incontinence. Why do I say this, well, because for
Review from
December 27, 2020
Best Diapers :-)
Depend's incontinence with adhesive tabs is the best Diaper you can buy off the shelves today. Depend brief diapers are my choice when I buy my Diapers from a store off the shelf. Depend's adult brief diapers are unmatched in quality compared to others you can buy off store shelves. Depend's adult brief diapers offer you polymer backing unlike all other brands you can buy off store shelves. This makes for a better fit that stays with you, unlike compared to cloth diapers which sag. Depend's fitted brief diapers have been my only Diaper I can count on. From a loyal customer. Thank you, Avery L.
George1986 Review from
July 18, 2019
Basic Every-day Diaper for Mild-Moderate Incon.
As an early-30s male managing moderate bladder incontinence, these diapers are a good solid choice. I get the urge to urinate very fast, and it usually leaks out before I get to a toilet, so wearing a diaper for everyday activities is a personal choice for comfort and security, and Depend works for me mostly. However, if you're fully incontinent or bowel incontinent, you'll probably want something better and more absorbent. I gave Depend Protection with Tabs 3 stars for a couple reasons: -Absorbency should be improved, even if it makes the product thicker. I usually feel the need to change my
banshee89 Review from
June 22, 2018
Good Product for bowel issues.
Do to an accident years ago I have reduced nerve feeling down below. I am fully mobile, work full time, and have always felt the brief type products are the best for mobility and bowel issues. I understand the stigma and people wanting a more underwear looking product... but if you have an accident nothing beats a product that you can change without having to take your clothes all the way off. These briefs are on the thinner less absorbent side, but for bowel issues you don't need all that bulk and with the 3 tapes and elastic waistband these briefs fit me snug and secure. Even with just pants
Mdb91 Review from
March 2, 2018
Decent, but could be better.
I've always had a sensitive bladder and have been using products for years to help manage it. I generally will wear a pull-up product during the day if I have access to a bathroom fairly quickly. However, if bathroom access is limited or I don't make it then these are a decent fall back and much easier to change into than another pull-on product. I've always liked the way the 3 tabs make them fit and the poly backing works great at keeping odors at bay. My only complaint is their lack of absorbency. They unfortunately can't last through the night without the use of a booster pad and if you hav
Thomas Review from
January 5, 2021
Great overall product!
I started using this diaper after having a surgery and needed some bladder protection. Being smaller person, I like the 3 tabs per side. It helps the diaper fit snug on me. Also, the plastic backing keeps away odors and prevents leaks. The diaper keeps me dry all night without having to change. I wish Depends someday will introduce a pull up style diaper with plastic backing as well as that would be a little better than a tab style for daytime use.
Gust Review from
May 6, 2016
Kimberly-Clark Product DBTSMT-20
This version replaced Product DBTSM-20, a six tab, plastic sheathed adult diaper that had performed very well for years. Our initial experience with the new version was major leaks, but with attention to detail, we discovered this new product could match or exceed the performance of the earlier version. Kimberly-Clark does not provide an adequate instruction on the use of this diaper. First, the diaper must be placed so the elevation on the torso is equal, front and back. Next, the "flaps" on the front section must be snuggly wrapped around the hips on both sides. Then the lower tabs must be p
randall Review from
April 24, 2020
Nothing amazing, but very 'Depend'able
These are certainly NOT premium ATN diapers, but they certainly have their niche. i use them for my day diapers with a booster pad and they work great. They are svelte enough to not advertise themselves, and by swapping out boosters i can make it through the entire workday. One of the few remaining diapers you can pick up at a store that still has a plastic backing. As long as one do not confuse these with 12 hour premium ATN diapers they work great
Pete93 Review from
November 12, 2020
Fantastic Product
I have been totally incontinent for over 14 years, and have just recently discovered this product. Simply put, it the best product I have ever used, and has given me confidence to live life again! The fit is secure, with three tapes per side, and the poly-backing ensures there are no leaks, even at night as a side sleeper. I travel a lot, and as I am fully incontinent, I need a product that won't fail, and these have not ever let me down since using them.
Scott Review from
January 3, 2022
Give these another chance
I think these have somewhat improved since my last purchase. The things you should look out for is, do the tapes stick well, and are they sufficiently absorbent? I'd say these are worth another shot. Not perfect, but a good price.
FLLuvs Review from
August 26, 2019
Plastic back is the best
They brought back the plastic back sheet. They really made an improvent over the previous version. The plastic backing could be a little softer and smoother though but its not bad. Reall it is tge best retail diaper on the market. The fit is better than most. With the 6 tabs it is easy to get a snug fit. They could use a little more padding to make it wick moister faster. I really like the all white outside. I could never understand why most have to print lines and numbers all over it. Dont change these to cloth backing please.
Patrick Review from
February 7, 2015
great product...with room for improvement
I have used Depend since I was 12 due to an injury that mainly effects my bladder. I started using these back when there were two levels of protection in the brief style (the diapers use to be a greenish blue). I loved them. They were my confidence to enjoy life as a teen. Then, depend combined the two lines and only sold one level, but offered booster pads...which worked fantastically. Here I am, about to turn thirty this month and I find that the protection I relied on for so many years no longer offers the same level. First, with the discontinuation of the booster, and now it seems as thoug
jami.m Review from
September 28, 2019
Ugh... well not too much I have to say about these depends diapers. But these fitted briefs were UGLY as heck! I dont know why I buy this briefs if there were not my kind to use. But I went to the store and bought these. Once at home I took off my work pants and my panty off and began to wear this. And once I was outside hanging out at my backyard I began to smell sweat and strange odors and that I knew I just dirty up my diaper and I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed. And the change my diaper part. Went soo BAD I just cant handle changing my diaper and cleaning my self out. Just too big o
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