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Sca Personal Care - 67903 - Tena Stretch Super Brief

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FSA Eligible
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67903Large/X-LargePackage of 28
67903Large/X-LargeCase of 56
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"TENA Stretch Super Brief Large/X-Large 41"" - 64"""
More Information
Manufacturer Tena
Categories Adult Briefs, Adult Diaper, Fecal Incontinence, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence
Code 67903
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
43 Review
Chris Review from
April 15, 2020
Good for the price. They get a 7 out of 10.
When a product says Heavy Absorbency or Overnight its only going to hold so much. These do not hold up as well as some other high end more expensive products. They do the job but have an outer layer that is cloth like, said to be more discreet when wearing. They can weep when wet so be careful as its not a plastic outer material. They will need to be change often. A protective cover is recommended for nighttime. That being said Tena makes a good product for the price and availability at local stores is a plus. Being able to pick them up when your in a pinch is nice unlike higher end products t
dyma_2490 Review from
April 27, 2021
A bit disappointing, but not horrible
Not bad for the price/each but the absorbency and outer material quality were disappointing. Very sturdy elastic on leg gatherers though.Definitely not what I would call "heavy absorbency" or "overnight", and the outer cloth-like layer gets shredded by the hook-and-loop (velcro) tapes just trying to unwrap the brief. You might be able to adjust the tapes once if you're careful and a bit lucky, but anything much beyond that is going to do too much damage. I would compare these to something like First Quality Nu-Fit, not a bad deal for your buck but certainly falls short of what you'd expect fro
SUSAN T. Review from
November 12, 2021
Excellent Fit and Absorbtion
These are the ones I keep in stock. Excellent fit, no leaks. My sister-in-law doesn't need to worry if we are away from home for awhile, or for overnight. We have not had any problems using using TENA Super. HIghly recommend. We have used these when she weighed almost 180 and continue to use now when she is in the 150 lb weight.
DONNA M. Review from
January 8, 2022
Trust Only Tena; and Simply Medical
A++ We tried other brand adult diapers and pull-ups and found Tena to be the most comfortable, dependable and simple to use. Buying from Simply Medical makes meeting mom's (Dementia) needs virtually effortless. It's one less thing (it's a BIG thing) we don't have to worry about. WHAT a relief!
judith Review from
September 16, 2020
Tiny tabs are difficult.
I have used the Tena super briefs for my daughter before. This order has different tabs for closure. My previous bags had a solid long tab which was wonderful and easy to re-stick. Easily adjustable. This model seems to have reduced fabric to wrap around to front and the tabs are small and flimsy. The rest of the brief Is great with the best absorption Ive seen .. I will be looking for the longer blue tabs when I reorder.
Matt B. Review from
June 12, 2020
Great product, excellent price, outstanding
Great product, excellent price, outstanding company. Delivery was fast! I was a little worried about the lack of inner cuffs on this product for overnight use, but they work well. They wick great, and fluid is dispersed through most of the padding. Tapes hold great, product is very comfortable overall.
Review from
September 1, 2018
Best absorbency
Of all the different brands and styles I have tried for my mom, who has total incontinence, these absorb the most and still keep my mom's skin dry! My mom is 5'4 150lbs and uses a size large. Hopefully that helps someone. I went through many sizes as well as brands/styles before finding the best ones that work for us. I DON'T recommend ever trying to order from Tena's sight though. It's a constant disaster. Ordering through here was awesome and the fastest delivery we have ever received when ordering these types of products. They are now my #1 "go to" company for ordering incontinent products
Chitownclassik Review from
February 24, 2021
Love the reclosable clasps. Its nice being able to readjust the side tabs without having to toss the whole brief. The brief is well made and reliable. However my mom still uses a booster pad to avoid leakage due to heavy liquid output.
Peggy M. Review from
May 14, 2021
This product is the best
This product is the best I have been able to find. I DID NOT LIKE THE PRODUCT WITH THE TAPE TO SHUT IT WITH. i WILL NOT ORDER THEM AGAIN. I like the overnight, high absorbency. My regular order. Please continue to send them each month.
KatyG Review from
September 30, 2017
Good product
Tena super briefs are a great value, aren't overly bulky for "super" level protection, are comfortable to wear and the green colour is a nice change from white. I like that I can pick these up at a reasonable price at a number of local retailers. Only improvement I would like to see is standup leg gatherers like Tena has in their new overnight underwear and ultimate daytime underwear. I feel they would have saved me from a couple incidents and they also give me a better sense of peace of mine. I'd like to see those in these (instead of just using the underwear, which I also recommend) as I pre
Kevin Review from
April 12, 2020
Good for day and night
These diapers are perfect for me. Being a heavy wetter these hold up for hours. I never had a leak. They also hold up to heavy soiling, which is very helpful while in public. During the night we can sleep soundly knowing they will keep the bed/us dry and clean from any leaks
Violet Review from
May 21, 2017
Super Briefs
I'm a 24 year old women from Ontario Canada. I suffer from urgency urinary incontinence so I get a sharp sudden urge to go 60 or so seconds before I start going to the bathroom & I have to rely on product's to help me get through the day. This is my favorite brief for day to day protection. The brief isn't to bulky like some other brands yet it's not small either. I don't think I've ever had one leak from a single use. The briefs tend to be good for 2 full accidents & sometimes a third so I am very confident wearing them when I need to go out knowing that if I do have a accident no one will no
Sarah G Review from
June 21, 2015
Great product. We needed highly absorbent underwear for a 100 year old relative. We are so happy that she is with us and we try to do everything to keep her happy and dry. She is on diuretics and moves slowly. They hold a lot of liquid. We use them around the clock and we have avoided many clothes and bed changes. She is very happy when she is comfortable and it is a pleasure to see her smile. Now we only change the disposable underwear and ocassionally a reusable pad. The only concern is that the barrier works so well that she often touches it an thinks it is still dry. I feel this must reall
Karen N. Review from
May 5, 2021
Best so far out of many brands
Best I have found: quality, absorbability, physical room for males in wheel chair, worth every penny! I learned to go up one size to avoid cutting into inner thigh, making room for Foley Cath set up.
Tseten T. Review from
November 2, 2021
Like it very much for
Like it very much for the absorbency. Just having difficulty mom keeping it on all night. Personally I would prefer it like and underwear instead of the tabs on the sides.
Review from
February 10, 2021
Daughter and caregiver
bought for my 90 year old mom who is partially bedridden from a stroke. They are the best either left open under her or closed. Tried many others but these actually work as described.
JANNY Review from
May 22, 2020
I have tried every brand out there, and by far the TENA brand is the best. They are super absorbent. the comfort is so amazing!!! Thank you TENA for having the best product out there. Sincerely, Janet
Morgan W. Review from
October 1, 2018
Good- but could be better
These overall are not a bad product. I will say compared to its plastic made twin, it does not compare. The plastic style will stay in place better and the padding didnt clump as bad as these. I feel like the fall apart fairly fast, sometimes even before the first wetting occurs. Overall, not terrible, just not probably my first choice.
Jpatrick Review from
December 10, 2017
The product is entirely effective and comfortable
Tena Super Stretch Briefs are strong and highly absorbent. They can be used for a long day or overnight without fear of leakage or failure. They fit well because you adjust them to best fit you. The large tabs are exactly what is needed to hold the brief in place without them coming loose. The briefs are very dependable for sustained walking without problems.
rubberducky Review from
November 12, 2018
excellent value
I love these diapers, wear them with some soft plastic pants and you're in for a pleasant night's sleep. They are just the right thickness to be worn under clothing so as not to be noticeable but yet still be absorbent enough for about four or five heavy settings, but have on some high quality plastic panties if you wet that many times, you will need them. In a word, good diapers for the value, very good.
Jennifer R. Review from
December 2, 2016
Great discreet fit. Best on market
When being assisted care givers tend to tear velcro tabs 20 % of time. However they can be taped easily with medical tape. That would be my only recommendation is to make the velcro straps on the side stronger, however when I'm putting them on myself they're very easy to use. They fit more secure than any other product of tried for used under normal clothes. I am 40 and nobody can even tell I have them on under low cut jeans
Eva Review from
October 26, 2021
Very good!
Finally found an excellent diaper for my Mom. Really holds alot from night when she sleeps till early morning. Great product.
Malcolm Review from
September 24, 2013
lacking in some areas
overall absorbency is more of a daytime capacity for someone with heavy incontinence. It is a problem if you have to run to the bathroom every second wetting or every wetting.near complete lack of protection on the sides so there is no protection for a side sleeper. The absorbent lining doesn't extend to the sides which is not good for a male. the cloth like covering weeps if you don't change right away. Also the absorbent polymer crystals can poke minute holes in the barrier in the packing process or even when sitting. From the business view " just change more often" which would increase sale
W Review from
February 24, 2012
Been using for mobility-disabled family member for years. Found these to be *the* most absorbent compared to numerous other brand name & generic adult diapers. Soft cottony cover, Velcro-type adjustable tabs for good fit. @Janice: If leakage problems in adult male user, if not already doing, strongly recommend ensuring he is "pointing down" into diaper - made big difference for us. But if leakage due to over-soaking whole diaper despite additional insert, alternatives include: Changing diaper during night or early AM; other urine collection system during night (e.g. external urinary catheter);
MARILYN L. Review from
October 28, 2021
Excellent Product
Picking from the sizing chart, I had no issues finding the perfect fit. TENAs material also has great absorbancy.
drpkhansen Review from
March 12, 2019
Top Quality
Have a young man who uses these in the evening hours. I insert a Tena night super pad and between the two the outcome has been a dry bed every night. Tried others but Tenas quality is top of the line. Highly Recommend. P.S. I buy a size larger than needed to make this work!
David Review from
June 29, 2020
Very good product
These are outstanding diapers especially for the price. Absorb a lot and contain bowel accidents very well. Only thing I dont like is all the text on the front but thats something I can live with.
MFK Review from
October 2, 2020
Tab brief vs Pull up
This product didn't work well for our family member. I may have needed to order a larger size. Tena is a good product and I think the pull up brief would have worked better than the tab Style brief.
KAIDEN B. Review from
May 24, 2021
They are super discreet although
They are super discreet although they tend to clump up when used. Other than that definitely needs a booster pad
Lourdes H. Review from
January 1, 2022
It fits perfectly. Love the
It fits perfectly. Love the absorbency and ease of use.
JoeyJones Review from
October 21, 2013
Superior to any of the store brands
I very much enjoy the fact that I can purchase these at Shoppers Drug Mart, or even Target stores. Being mobile, having a product that I can feel confident using, and not leaking is important. I use these briefs for day, as well as night and have had little issues. I am yet to find the stretch side super's however will happily review them if/when I come across them. The briefs are comfortable, trim fit, and absorbent. For the cost, the Tena Super's are a great value.
Patricia B. Review from
April 11, 2020
Excellent Product
I am very impressed with these briefs and how absorbent they are compared to others I have used. I, however, will reorder the next larger size which will be easier to put on since my husband is bedridden.
Lisa C. Review from
December 28, 2018
Care Club
Thanks so much for getting us the diapers so quickly! I swear, I place the order and they show up a few days later! You have no idea how much that is appreciated when the rehab staff are just marveling at them vs. what they are forced to use. Love you all so much...and now I have to go place another order...LOL! Thanks so much for helping me take care of my Mum!
Morgan W. Review from
October 1, 2018
Good- but could be better
These overall are not a bad product. I will say compared to its plastic made twin, it does not compare. The plastic style will stay in place better and the padding didn't clump as bad as these. I feel like the fall apart fairly fast, sometimes even b
Morgan W. Review from
October 1, 2018
Good- but could be better
These overall are not a bad product. I will say compared to its plastic made twin, it does not compare. The plastic style will stay in place better and the padding didn't clump as bad as these. I feel like the fall apart fairly fast, sometimes even b
CARLA K. Review from
January 16, 2022
Perfect fit,great absorbency. Size is
Perfect fit,great absorbency. Size is good .
Tracy R. Review from
April 26, 2019
TENA Quality
We have been using the TENA "pull up" style briefs for about 10 years. Those are difficult to change with the care recipient in bed, so we have started using this "diaper" style at night. They absorb and hold a lot of liquid. We are extremely happy with this product.
Levi Review from
March 25, 2020
Best for bed confined
Using during prostate removal recovery. Found to be absorbent but not easily used with tabs, hard to get good fit. Use at night but have found others better for daily use
firefyter31 Review from
September 9, 2017
Great product one of my go-to diapers.
Engoloids medical ships in plain MARKED TENA diaper boxes. So much for about a little bit of consideration? Throw it in a plain cardboard box so my whole neighborhood doesn't know I have to wear diapers!!!!! For the second time!!! You guys are CLUELESS!!!!!
Retta Review from
May 7, 2020
Does the job!!!
I decided to try this brand because of the price. I had been purchasing a brand more costly with less item count for my dad. These are used for overnight use and has worked great.
SANDRA B. Review from
July 7, 2021
Great incontinence pad. Can't feel
Great incontinence pad. Can't feel like its there.
CAROL C. Review from
December 23, 2021
Tena Briefs
Compared to the other adult briefs out here Tena seems to be the most absorbing. The fit is better as well.
demetree Review from
August 1, 2021
wrong size
I love this product, but I would love it even more if it was a little bigger. if it wasn't a wrong size, it would be a better fit.
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